I guess it was my turn


About a month or so ago, my guild mates Honky and Mumra reported the fact that all of their bases on the 1950 Oceanic PvE server had been stripped and looted of all thralls, crafting stations, supplies and doors.

I logged on yesterday 10/12/20 to do the weekly housekeeping and found that whoever had helped themselves to my friend’s gear had now done the same to mine.

Nearly everything that wasn’t nailed down has been looted, all the crafting stations and their named thralls, all of the stockpiled crafting materials, everything. The buildings are all structurally secure, there are no missing or broken pieces, except for the doors. All of the doors that stopped access to all the buildings have been removed to allow access to whatever was in the room behind them.

There is no sign of this on the log, nothing.

That someone has the ability to do this is worrying. That no action was taken when it was reported by my clan mates is pathetic, and now that it has happened again, there is no hope held that you people “running” the game will get off your backsides and actually do something about it.

If admin commands were used to “open” my doors, I’m sure there’s a history of it somewhere and you can track whoever did this. But your established history of doing nothing does not stand you in good stead.

I’ll be amazed if you actually do something about this, but I am fairly skeptical.

I was enjoying this game but, that has now changed.

Funcom, you allowed this to happen, your inaction encouraged it, and it will continue to drive players away from the game as the people behind this will never be satisfied with ruining just one or two people’s games.

Thanks for nothing.


Sounds kinda like a decayed base… I usually only remove doors and demolish chests. But I usually then demolish the whole base after.

Any structure damage? Not missing pieces, just missing HP on doorframes etc. Depending on layout you can blow up just the doors and nothing else cos they got way less HP. (edit: didn’t notice you wrote missing or broken, so I guess not)

I also think something is wrong with the event log. My stash got raided yesterday (legit, I can se bombs / destruction in the log). But there’s nothing about anything being looted or lootbags despawning in the event log.

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I second this. Bulletmagnet71 mentions that they were doing their “weekly” housekeeping, so one can assume they were a bit too late to refresh their base.

You can’t blow up anything on PvE but you can simply dismantle them if decayed.

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My reading skills are crap today lol

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If it was decay would it not have shown up in the logs???

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Afaik it used to say “[player A] demolished [building Y]” in event log…

But as I wrote everything regarding loot was missing from log when I was raided yesterday, so don’t know if something is wrong with event log

Are the very least, the logs should say “[XYZ] entered abandoned state”.

They should say that. But they don’t. Ironically, I was one of the people crying when they removed this feature. Then they put it back and I had it happen to me. I still like the feature though. Its a lot of fun looting a decayed base in PvE.

You are wrong.

You are wrong too.

Yes, you are correct


The fact is, someone has been hacking on this server & FC know about it. Not only are they able to enter & interact with others items, but they are also changing decay timers.

You may not like the fact that this is happening, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is.

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Nobody said it didn’t happen. We just tried to come up with possible explanations. :slight_smile:

So what did the “unfriendly access” logs say? I have to agree with those who say it was most likely decay.

The plot thickens.

Dude this is not elder scrolls to play on guilds, in conan exiles we have clans :joy::joy::joy::joy:. I really hope you understand that this was just a joke, no hard feelings :+1:. Welcome to the community. By the way I play both of the games but I prefer conan, I really like that a player without dlcs can have equal chances with someone that has all the dlcs. In eso, if you don’t pay eso plus, you are loosing half of the map, the best Dungeons and ofcurce, you cannot place to many things in your house, is kinda pay to play and I don’t really like that.

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