Cant loot decayed base after demolishing on PVE Official server (You dont own this - msg when try to pick up loot bag)

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Cant loot decayed base
**Server type: PVE
**Region: EU

So im playing on official PVE server and after someone dont visit his base after 7 days it goes on 24h decay right ? In those 24h anyone can demolish it and loot but problem is that after demolishing something that is in decay state items will drop on ground but when you try to loot it say you dont own this . Anyone had this problem before?

yes, it’s a known issue that’s high priority to be fixed

So sometime in 2020 then?

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lol, it will eventually be fixed. yes. he he

Except that now they’re saying this is an intentional change and only the original owner of the abandoned building / container can take loot from the bags … so who knows?

that makes no sense at all. why would you not be able to loot abandoned bases? the owner can’t loot it cause it’s decayed because he quit. lol so they changed this in pvp too? or is pve getting the shaft again? :frowning:

p.s. i’m not so sure i believe it’s an intentional change. there is nothing in the patch notes whatsoever on this and this would be a major change to the game. I think maybe someone has there wires crossed with info somewhere maybe? hopefully?

The implication was that they’re fully lootable on PvP (because everything there is, aside from locked chests and vaults) and no longer lootable on PvE and PvE-C. So we have one Funcom rep saying it’s a bug, another saying that word came down from development that it’s intentional.

Left hand, meet right hand.

(And if it does turn out to be an intentional change, my suspicion is that it has more to do with them trying to reduce item counts in the world; when a large clan collapses, another clan will no longer be able to “inherit” all their stuff, and instead is just removed from the database)

yes, my question about if it applied to pvp was in jest. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that this could be intentional. I see no single senario that would justify it and especially since it wasn’t in the patch notes. Not that they haven’t failed to miss adding minor things in the patch notes before but this is a major major change in game play for pve that has been the case since the decay system was established so it doesn’t make sense that it was intentional. i’d wait and see on that one.

Well if it’s intended, then… I don’t know how I feel about that. Could be good, could be bad. Mostly bad, I think.

In either case… sneaking it in as part of the update that removes the Halloween event? What a weird thing to do. Then again it’d not be the first time an unpopular change was silently included in the game, hoping no-one would notice or whatever the logic is.

Added a suggestion to revert this change. If it’s intentional, it’s not a bug… just an unexplained and unwanted change that I suggest reverting:

So, it turns out that it was an intentional change, and it was included in the updated patch notes for the PS4 release. I was also wrong on the point about PvE vs. PvE-C. It looks like it’s tied to the “anyone can loot your corpse” option, so apparently you won’t be able to loot demolished containers on PvE, but you will be able to on PvE-C.

So it’s just PvE servers where players can no longer scavenge abandoned bases. That also shoots down my theory that they did it to improve performance. The developers just decided that they should do this, after all this time, in the name of “consistency” … the hobgoblin of all game balance decisions.

thank you for the update. I for one think this is a very bad decision. The ability to loot decayed bases has zero to do with pvp or pve-c vs pve. This does only one thing…steal content from the game mode that has the very least amount of content available. This is one decision i hope is soon reversed for simply being ridiculous.

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My thoughts as well. Removing “unused” loot from PVE and PVE-C data base to reduce strain on servers.

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