Can't loot other players decayed buildings on PVE any more?

As the title says, they have stopped letting loot bags being lootable from decayed buildings. When did this happen? I didn’t see it mentioned on the update. It seems such a waste to let things just decay.

and there is a discussions in steam but nobody can answer this so I come to ask here hope I will get answer.

I need to share the discussions in steam but funcom dont allowed me to share the link so I cant share the link here… f** it why ? Sorry

The change was implemented on the PvE servers when the Halloween event was removed. Funcom did not include this change in their patch notes. Players made bug reports about it, and after Jens initially saying it might be a bug … the community management team and Jens were informed it was a deliberate change in mechanics for the PvE servers and hence Tascha confirmed it is not a bug.
It’s some where in the pc post Halloween patch notes comments … probably easiest to find if you look in the dev tracker for taschas replies.
(I think you can tell from my tone I’m not impressed at funcoms internal communication … the team responsible for communicating changes in the game are not being given all the changes made … and as they are unaware of them … so the player base is also left in the dark)

And if you’d like to support the suggestion they return this functionality, I made a topic for it here:

And yeah, I’m neither impressed with the communication nor with the choice of “bugs” they have chosen to work on, I don’t think this one even qualified as a bug in the first place.


Sorry I’m from Asia server and my english is not so well , So this is not a bug and it mean that all PVE server right now cant loot decayed Item right ?

yes and it on PS4 too

Yeah apparently not a bug. I have no idea why Funcom felt this was a necessary change.

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I’m understand now I think they change because they want to prevent low lv player can get high tier item by looting from old player’s decayed base but it not necessary as you say because they still can drop item to other player , Thank you guys for answer me.

they work on bring it back on some way.

I raided a decayed base yesterday destroyed the door went inside and started destroying crafting stations with no problem I think funcom is talking about if you let the decayed building timer to run out and building blows and everything drops into bags then maybe then you can’t loot bags idk but I’m on Xbox Official pve server

X-Box ain’t patched yet, when that happens no more looting anything from a building that’s decay’d.

Well I guess but it’s funcom I’m sure it’ll still be lootable well at least for a long while till they release a patch to fix this patch

I don’t really care anymore to be honest this other player a friend I got to know and myself are the oldest players on my server all the oldest players either quit or moved to another server idk so all the other players are new moving up the lvls so they really don’t have much that I would want anyways I’m sure they would love my place to decay it would be Christmas for them lol I quit playing till this event is over with I can’t handle the darkness and I already farmed enough meteors every chest I have and trust me I have tons are full I just jump in to reset my decay timer either everyday or every other day

I am on the fence on this one.

I think the main reason is server performance.

Did i like the free stuff, yes, but at the same time i didn’t live off of it, and really i can’t complain about losing something i didn’t have in the first place If it starts to clean up the servers of quit players, well i am all for it. If you are on PVE, wasn’t the whole purpose of being on those servers to not be involved in the looting system (correct me if ai am wrong, but you can’t loot anything at all of another players, dead body and all). PVP i can see more of a complaint (at least during raid time not being able to loot decayed bases), but in reality i f you wnat the loot, then blow it up beofre it gets decayed by someone else. PVE-C is a little different, as maybe it should be lootable during melee hours (whatever it is called).

Its a diferens bewean braking in as in pvp and loot as a burgler the plage abanded propety. Same as you farm thrall whit no master after the house is gone.

there is no harm to the original owner if a base decay, (it is lost anyway) limiting player is a bad idea.

DEAD thrall is dead, and its likely master wont be able to pick up its loot. however, people can abuse it when kiting a boss to kill someone else thralls to get the loot, but yet again, it is the owner responsibility to not let them in the open where it could be attacked by NPC things (kited or not).

making a trhrall fight a npc is still PVE. and anything that dies except player should be able to get looted,

funny enough it is possible to loot another player body, but not the dead thralls lol! .

I ment thralls befor they stat to starv, when they was staning in the air for weeks!

I don’t consider abandoned looting burglary. It is more like being a vulture. Nothing wrong with that, just to me if the system you are playing has no looting, then that rule should cover everything. PVE is a more RP environment, and waiting on a huge base to decay seems totally outside of what that experience would be. And system wise, the loot inside is probably static and not being used, so it doesn’t really help the server space if someone is just going to grab everyhting and stick it in chests.

I was/am part of a big clan. We do have a few reserves, but it is basically a small base in a box if we ever get wiped on PVP, so we can rebuild and retaliate quickly. But as far as my animals and thralls go, i pretty much use up what i farm.

i and everyone that has participated (99%) in this thread disagree with you.

its a sandbox , if we like to play vultures , its also ok, looting an abandoned base is NOT PVP. there is no consequence to the owner of the decayed base neither, so it has nothing to do with PVP. PVE is whatever the person wants to play it without the need of killing players and or their bases. PVE is player vs enviroment. i dont SEE RP anywhere in the description either, so you are just assuming something that might be valid for you, but not for everyone.


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Yes its almost become a npc base

Don’t you play exclusively single-player anyway?