Restore the ability to loot decayed structures for PVE servers

So since it’s apparently an intentional change that we can no longer loot the decayed structures if we find them during the 24-hour window between decay and auto-demolish… I’d like to suggest reverting that (undocumented and unexplained) change. Or at least see if people actually want that change.

It’s a complete 180 on a feature that was never described as a bug that we’ve had since the ruin system was added (I think?). It’s allowed friendly players to rescue at least parts of a player’s belongings if they were inadvertently absent for a while (if they were friendly), or to nick 'em for themselves, who am I to judge, Conan himself was a thief and saw nothing dishonorable in that after all.

But I have literally never heard anyone say they didn’t like this feature. And then it’s suddenly removed, and this is described by some Funcom staff as a bug, and by others as an intentional change, but since it was in typical fashion not in any patch notes… or dev streams… or anything… no one knows what to think.


Yea, this benefits nobody. Why the change?

Only thought I can think of is to (sometimes) discourage people from destroying a neighbors structure and buy that player a little extra time to log on before everything goes ka-boom.

Better option would be to increase rot timer based on structures upgrade/item count/time spent in game.


Can you actually recover your structures once they’ve reached “decay” state, if you log in during the 24h window before they auto-explode? I’ve heard both, and haven’t tried it myself so I can’t say. I suppose I could try, but doesn’t seem worth the effort.

1 foundation + wood chest + loot + repair hammer = not too much time = answer.

Still too much time for me.


Yeah, me too heh. :lab_coat:

Actually the idea of scavenging decaying items sounds like a legitimate thing. If Conan Exiles would bank on that for more realism I would be all for it. In PvP we have much like pve decaying buildings why not reuse them kill two birds one stone. Give players the ability for alternative resources and clean up some of the map? Call it a reclaim system?

I agree. It’s funny how they lose their time removing features no one complained about and that make people angry and don’t care about fixing things like the purge that everyone complains about. Amazing.


I must agree with you on this one. Im playing on PVE server for last 3 weeks and no one so far had purge . Most i had on my purge bar was like 11 % then it went back to 0 % again . Heard from some others on server that they have purge bar at critical point but purge is not happening cause its bugged .

Yep - I had it happen to a wheel. I just went to it, stood there, and after a few seconds it changed from Decayed back to normal.

Yes this a ridiculous and unwanted change, made things more interesting when you could loot decayed buildings and bases, gave you a bonus once in awhile, now it all just gets wasted for nothing. Not a good change, revert this back to the way it was please.



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Yes I have done so myself. I had to place something down to have the system aknowlede my presence though. (Or changing the structure in another way.)

I agree. That’s one reason I don’t believe the “consistency” claim is necessarily correct. They say it’s to make sure it’s the same as other cases, but there the loot is not due to disappear anyway, which it is with the decay system.

It also gives players an incentive to “clean up” their server, whether they’re doing it to get some loot for themselves or to save it for the owner’s next appearance doesn’t really matter.

Finally, I realize that not all bugs are created equal, but I have to question the apparent prioritization of removing this functionality given the state the game is currently in (no purge, crafter thralls borked, plus the backlog of old old issues).


I think it would be good to loot abandoned bases

Removing the ability to loot abandoned bases was a change to the worse. The change benefits no-one and made many players unhappy, while the prior state bothered no-one and provided fun for many players at nobody’s expense.


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