30 Day structure refresh needed for Official PVE Servers

Please increase the refresh timer for player built structures from 7-days to 30-days on all official PVE servers.

I am tired of loosing all my stuff because I had a busy week or went on vacation. I no longer play this game due to this frustration. I greatly enjoy playing on Official PVE servers only, but the 7-day building decay timer is just not acceptable.

I greatly encourage everyone in support of this to either to comment (even a +1 would be great) or like this post. Everyone I talk to is in great support of this, so hopefully this can be reflected here.

Thank you.

EDIT: Several have suggested that 14-days would be more acceptable and I also would support this.


7 days is way to much. I wish it was 4 days instead of 7.

Should be no less than a week. No more than 2 weeks

If you need a month in between logins, youre just taking up space, im sorry to say. Less than a week is ridiculous because even ppl who are active and love the game cant be on constantly. You can love the game and still hug your family.

  1. Conan Exiles
  2. Being profitably employed
  3. Functional family/social life
  4. Sleep

Pick at most three.


7 days is fine. You are luck FC is kind and is giving you people 2weeks right now.

30days your smoking that good stuff. You mean to tell me you want people on PvE servers to have all there crap there so they only have to play 12 times out of the year…

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I’ll try to answer this without seeming to pile on top of you with everyone else :wink:

I understand your frustration, but you really need to look at it from other people’s perspective, too. It’s laughably easy to erect a massive fortress that occupies some prime real estate and then just keep refreshing it once a week, denying everyone else a chance to be more active on that same land.

So what to do about vacations and busy weeks? I don’t know about other people, but my solution is to have a clanmate who isn’t part of my family. That way, you can cover for them when they can’t refresh their stuff and they can extend the same favor to you.


Man, if I could get away with no sleep I would.

Stupid biology forcing me to waste precious hours of my life…


14days should be standard… Or at least 10. 7 is to low. 30 way to much.


People who do nothing but refresh on PvE servers are already problematic on a 7-day timer. At 14 days, the proliferation of sandstone hovels from everyone who started the game as a result of a sale or gift makes purges a mess because bases get packed so closely together. I can’t even imagine the congestion, lag, and ill-will if stuff lasted for an entire month.

If someone’s life is really that busy, then maybe gaming on a limited shared resource like an Official server is the wrong match. A private server or single-player would be a much more courteous and pragmatic solution.


But is it? Or is that just a fear everyone has?

Currently I see many spanish guys coming to the server. Last week alone 5 new clans (with 3 people) started…
Enough already decayed, because they had no clue… Mostly this “sandstone hovels”.

People who want to prevent their belongings from decaying, will do that regardless of the decay timer.
People who dont play the game anymore, will not refresh anything.

So i dont get this fear most have or you are all just on toxic servers or I had luck…

I saw 2 big bases decay within the holidays (with the 14 day decay timer). PS4 had last year until August the 14 days and the server cleaned itself anyway.

So are you all talking about things you SEE at your servers or just theoretical problems?

The problem with longer decays are just the official servers in general and their “no admins policy”.
If people would get their buildings destroyed or kicked from a server, when they harass/grief people with overall building, then it wouldnt be a problem…

But as there are no admins, you have 2 sides:

.) People who play 24/7, would be happy with 3 days decay, because the griefer would decay much faster

.) People who dont play 24/7, would be happy to not lose all their progress, if they are unable to play for a week

Should be at least 7 days and a few hours, so one can get online at the same time weekly (for example every Saturday at 4 p.m. +/- 1 hour) without risking to have one’s building already in state of decaying. But most of all I would vote for about 2 weeks.

I think an 8 day timer wouldn’t be bad I know a lot of people who work 6 to 7 days a week 12 hour days a lot of times. And they will play a game they enjoy when they can but there are weeks where you just don’t have time to stop and breath let alone force an opportunity to log into a game to make sure your stuff doesn’t decay. I understand why people want even a shorter decay I remember times in EA where I’d try a new server get to noob river and see jumbles of 4 to 8 foundation huts and large stretches of “roads” connecting from noon river up through the north to the ice temple. It was part of why I quit official servers. But I can see both sides in my honest opinion though just that one day would appease a lot who have an occasional week they can’t play

Well, I don’t know about other servers, but on the one I play on, we’ve got a few clans who came on built a bunch of huge structures in a short period, then seemingly disappeared. They login maybe once or twice a week to refresh land claim but if you check BattleMetrics, it’s clear that all they are doing is refreshing, they don’t actually rack up enough time to do anything beside that.

At least with a short decay timer, there’s a better chance than a single slip-up on their part will provide a window of opportunity to clear their stuff. With a long timer though, you have to trust that they’ll simply forget because they don’t have to login as frequently.

Anyway, if you know some inconsiderate people who are amenable to a double-blind study then have at it, but I’m pretty sure that’s an oxymoron or a paradox of some sort. :wink:

So whats the real problem? Because someone has made huge buildings? Well, if they arent blocking anything, what is really the problem here? I dont see it…

If you dont want other buildings, why even bother playing on a open server? I am always happy to see buildings, so that the server feels alive.
Heck in the holiday season I was running around with a bomb, resetting everyones decay timer :smiley:

Also you wouldnt have a problem with their buildings, if this clan would play more often and not just refreshing their buildings?

So again: What is the real problem?

PS.: Nothing is meant as an attack towards you. But I think many people are thinking/behaving like you. “Other buildings bad” :smiley:

@jot29 a lot of the problem isn’t the size of the buildings its location of the buildings, the amount of server data usage those buildings have, and the fact that a large portion of issues come from griefers who mass build and only log on 5min a week to reset the timer, with the rare occasion they decide they want to build again for a day.

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The problem is, I’m on the single most populous PvE server in North America. Good land to build bases is pretty rare at this point, so when someone has a huge base that they aren’t even using, they are effectively denying other players the opportunity to actually do so.

In English we say, “Sh** or get off the pot!” to folks who monopolize something without actually using it.

Now this doesn’t affect me personally too much since I’ve been on the server since long before it was popular and actually have established bases. However, I see this issue arise all the time for newer players and it really sucks when we have to tell friendly people that the most pragmatic solution is to find another server or change/lower their expectations. :frowning:


In Early Access the bugged decay timer where no Building was decayed worked still well (on PvP). No Idea why this short 7 day limit is needed. On PvP it is no Problem to get rid of buidlings if you want and the Server looks more alive. Funcom should get the purge working and every clan or better every building gets one after a few weeks, so forced purge meter gain (slowly). This would be a better game feature than this stupid decay timer.

The problem with simply making the Purge tougher and more frequent is that you’re then balancing the whole game around the strongest and most competent players. This means that anyone outside of that elite few are likely to simply get annihilated without a prayer while the strong clans only reap the rewards of the many purges (strong fighters, lots of named crafters) and get stronger.

Heck the new Berserker purge has cleaned the clocks of many of the players on the PvE Official I play on, meanwhile I’m filling up 3 to 5 greater wheels with new Berserker thralls every few days…

The Purge (and the game’s AI in general) is simply not up to the task of clearing land save if someone gets an AFK purge or someone kites/pulls a purge to their base while they are unaware.