Restore decay timer back to one week for pve/pve-c on PC

I have been playing Conan Exiles on the same official pve-c server for over a year now. In that time i have seen all types of players come and go, players that block world boss spawns, vital resources, obelisks or passage ways, players that spam thousands of sandstone foundations across huge chunks of the map, players that surround other players bases with walls, etc etc.

Despite this, there was always one saving grace, the week decay timer. Without fail after a few weeks or so, these obstructions would be gone and space for new players would open up.

Since the decay timer increased i have noticed that these builds are lasting longer and longer, to the point I’m beginning to doubt they will ever be gone. To add to this, the amount of people actually actively playing on the server is getting lower and lower.

If i were a new player starting out, i wouldn’t want to play on a ghost town of a server covered in spam by players that are never even online.

Unfortunately it seems to me, that having to only login for a few minutes once every 2 weeks is to lenient and is discouraging people from actually playing the game.

I know having a build decay can be frustrating, i have had my share of bases decay. But in my experience starting fresh breathes new life into the game and has increased the amount of time and enjoyment i have got out of the game.

tl/dr: In my opinion the two week decay timer is too long, the old one week decay timer helped keep trolls away and the server population fresh and active

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Unless I’m mistaken it was done for July, and has carried over into August. Don’t get me wrong i approve of the increase for common holiday time periods. But i think its too long to be permanent. And everyone all over the world has vacations at different times for different durations.

I wish there was an additional solution, maybe something that can be crafted a few times a year that increases your decay for a period. Though I’m sure there would be a lot of problems implementing such a thing…

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