Official Servers Decay Time Too Short!

I just returned to the official server i play on after being on vacation for 8 days and all of my stuff except for what I had on me was gone. 6-7 days isn’t enough time for casual players or people to even take a short break before decay takes everything you own. I agree the previous decay system had flaws but we need at least 2 weeks so we don’t have to worry about our stuff being gone after coming back from being out of town.


Yes and to be online have to be enuff to keep it, so you dont have to run all over the map to safe all youre stuff.

But yes if you hvent visit youre outpost for some weeks it have to decay

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Decay time?
It’s about 14 day’s now for big structures. And it’s ok.

Definitely. I had 3 massive structures across the map that all disappeared. There definitely needs to be a decay system but Its a little discouraging to think that in the future if I don’t use one of my outposts for a few days that it could be gone the next time I go to it even while I’m still active.

They reduced it to 7 days which is way too short. My citadel was massive but still decayed after 8 days of being gone.

1 week toll other player can put it down and 2 weeks aouto gone…

Spec when its Steam login systen its hard to aska a frend to log in and do the uppkeep to. Unless they are in the same clan but then is only the run arouns the map weekly problem still lasting.

Ofc its too short in some weeks i cant play for 2 weeks…so i guess i will lose 400 hours of work.
Its not funny to start new all the time, 2 or 3 weeks would be fine but 1 week is a joke.


For player that just quite and not come back 1 week is fine, but ad some way to activate a longer decaytime, whit a ok time block till you can do next time!

i have thought about this as well. the Decay time is too easy for a large clan to reset as it is. Just come in once week. jump around to all your key bases, do an assessment of event logs, and boom done.

I have a mathematical way to fix this.

Decay timers should be 2 weeks max (312 hours…13 days plus the 24 hour decay rate until abandoned.)

Here is the catch…
When a player is online, they can stop the timer for all bases of the clan, and “grow the timer” for the base they are currently in (claim radius)…for every in game minute it goes back up x (1000???) amount of seconds. It would max out at the 312 hours. And timer doesn’t stack if multiple members are in the same base. This means the more you play, the closer to 312 hours for the base you use the most.
So if your are in a large clan, having bases spread out would make it difficult for 1 member to reset each base. If the clan plays regularly, they could have their own functioning bases. And for solo players, that play regularly, they could have 2 or 3 bases.

This also would reduce spamming for claims, as having to hang around something to grow the timer would be something only for a full on troll.

well work for big Clans but this is most a problem for small and singel player Clans, they need to have a chanse to go away on hollyday to …

I want to add on to this. I quit this game a while ago due to the server status staying on line back in June plus the decay time was hard to keep up with. I have 2 twin babies and full time job now. I read ■■■■■■ was moving the decay time to 18 days. I was excited. Came back to play. Love the game!! I can not keep the up keep on 3 complete massive bases i built. Just to log on for 1 min to keep at least 1 base is not playing… Its working! This is a game not a JOB to keep up with on a week to week bases.

I get some people say if you can not keep up with the 6 day decay time go play solo. Well you the point of playing Multiplayer is to play with other, does not have to be in the same clan. Thats not the point of the game… In my eyes at least.

Its pretty simple, when you make a great game like Conan Exiles you don’t want people quieting due because the feel forced to play or just log in for the ratings. Should be because they enjoy the game and the community. SIMPLE.

I’ve seen the vote rating for Longer Decay Time: 63% on South American Servers, 59% Asian Servers, 59% Oceania Servers.

Dont get why this changed back with such high voting rate. Please explain?

I agree with needing time off. But at some point you have to weigh the percentage of people that take full 2 week vacations vs those that take less.
And really, if you take a week off that means you only have to play 2-3 hours a day for a week, and your timer would be full again. And if you are solo and have built muliple bases, then it is more on you to decide which one is the one you will need to grind back up to full timer. This is mainly for officials. And there needs to be constant and revolving destruction to avoid the server growing full of hoarded stuff. Just because you built it, doesn’t mean it is valuable to the other players on the server. PVP, it is easy…we see stuff that seems abandoned (or in general is agreed the player is not on for a while) we blow it up. PVE-C and PVE have it harder. They need a mechanic to deal with people who just build and build and build with no consequence.

Sorry guys, but I’m going to be locking this thread as we don’t allow necromancy. If you want to continue discussing the decay timer on official servers I suggest making a new thread. :slight_smile: