Decay Timer on Official Servers - POLL - YOUR VOTE NOW

Hello Exiles.

To give our Developers a better insight about how Players feel on Official Servers about the Decay Timer i will start a poll giving all players who visit this Forum the opportunity to leave a Vote.

Short Background :

The Decay Timer is required to avoid overloading of Servers with abandoned Buildings, but also to avoid the abuse of placing Buildings to block or spread over areas.

The Decay Timer also means for Players that they will get in trouble if they are gone on vacation or long business trips or other reasons. If you do not manage to log in you will loose all your buildings. This has caused players to complain about the Decay being to short.
Even joining a Clan will not resolve the challenge as you cant leave after your vacation the clan as your buildings stay with it.

The Average Vacation Time is around 2 weeks for most, but vacation trips around 1 week.

The idea is to find a Decay time that tackles both challenges. Not demotivating players to loosing the Buildings and Playhours due to real live off times but still keeping the Servers clean.

Please vote for a Decay Time you think most suitable to tackle both challenges.

  • Decay after 6 days ( current system)
  • Decay after 7 days
  • Decay after 8 days
  • Decay after 9 days
  • Decay after 10 days
  • Decay after 11 days
  • Decay after 12 days
  • Decay after 13 days
  • Decay after 14 days ( 2 weeks)
  • Decay after 21 days ( 3 weeks)

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Remark: I started this poll as a recommendation from Funcom direct.



8 days is best, because most RL vacations or work deployments are week-based.

1 day margin of error is good.

Offline purges are already a threat enough as it is, with the Thralls perpetually bugged despite repeated fixes.
On top of that, you need to consider feeding thralls now, so… yeah.

2 weeks minimum, 3 weeks ideal, 1 week is too short since there are lots of things irl that can keep you busy.


To be fair, if there’s something that stops me from playing official servers consistently for longer than 2 weeks, a new game / mode is in order.

Besides, no thrall will survive 2 weeks without food. Not even food itself survives for 2 weeks.

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Im okay with thralls and food, I just don’t want to loose what I build because of a week away from the game.


I get you. We should be able to go on vacations right?

But it’s also argued that if we can afford a plane ticket and accommodations to another country for 2 weeks, we ought to be able to afford a gaming laptop.

I am flying to Santorini in 3 weeks time, and my wife has bought an Acer Helios for me for just that occasion, so I can stop moping.


i voted 10 days but up to 2 weeks is good to since I’ll be going on a cruise next year…but I also have pretty active clan mates so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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I voted 2 weeks. I don’t play on official servers, or with anybody for that matter (solo player only). But I feel for people who had to leave for an extended absence (for whatever reason) and came back only to have lost everything. The downside to having it be 2 weeks is people can really abuse this system (yet another reason why I rock it solo).

Which is why, and this slightly off topic, I feel like there should be an in-game vote mechanic for deciding on a volunteer moderator. Vote could take place like, once a month, and that person will have admin powers to remove abusive structures or other purposes. And yes, this could also be abused by larger clans, but I feel like the community as a whole will weed out the bad apples enough to make this worthwhile.

Main Square Fira, diagonally across from it, Lucky’s Souvlakis. If you say the right things they’ll let you upstairs to use their internet cafe. It’s members-only, and had several higher-end gaming machines the last time a colleague went.

I voted for 14 days because I want @Halcyon to feel like he can spend more time on the beach.


I push again. So more can vote.

Amazing tip, thx :slight_smile:

So what kind right things do I say? A Vulkan greeting? ||//
“You must construct additional pylons!” "Barnes sends his regards :slight_smile: " ? :smiley:

I voted 10 days but would be happy if it was higher.
I usually only go on 7 - 9 day holidays and my only clan mate is my wife.

Hang on… I might be able to get a vacation by myself… Can I change my vote down to 2 days?


I wantedmy nephew to help me. But i am Europe and he is USA. He says he cant log in to help me because his ping isto high.

Ever since the 407h decay timer, there are bases everywhere on the map causing immense server lag.

Ever since the revert of it back to 6 days the horrible lag has noticeably reduced, but its still there.

Guys I get it, you don’t want to be on the game all the time. But not playing for 6 days straight and still demanding your most probably raided (or in PvE’s case, lag inducing) base still being there does nothing but harm for the server and newcomers.

If you seriously can’t log in once every 6 days then please, just find yourselves a private server allowing longer decay hours.

Stop being selfish really. If i cannot play for 6 days going for a vacation, I either let my clanmates be there for me or just accept the decay.

Unless funcom fixes the lags, having unresponsive AI and teleport-pvp is not something fun to experience.


I’ll check, in October it was “Ken sent me.” If they have a gaming machine available, they ask your name, tell them Larry (haha obvious shibboleth is classic). If there’s no one ahead of you, you should get right in. I’m a Caribbean man myself, so this is coming from another good traveler, and there are maybe 7 internet cafes on the isle. Now that GPUs are out of the crypto realm, you might see some of the other shops offering gaming machines too.


I think we are not selfish at all.

If you check out the link and look how most voted you can see all trying to respect it.

Selfish is ignoring other play styles. That is not what players are doing here.
It is trying to find a middleground. All are aware of the risk of Server Lag.

And no - private server is not the solution for all of us. I do not think we customers should be forced to have to need a private person if we purchased the Game.

So you will see that most only ask for a couple of days more. not weeks.

If you check the poll we are lower then lets say a close competitor to Conan Exiles - ARK.

This is ARks Deday:
Thatch - 4 days
greenhouse - 5 days
----> Dinos - 8 days
Wood - 8 days
Stone - 12 days
Metal - 16 days
Tek - 20 days

So as you can see they are at a easy 8 days starting with wood and then max of 20 days as i understand.
So compared to that i think 6 days is redicilous short.

I did not play Ark - but i presume looking at the large playerbase that they did tackle the problem with decay even with 20 days and many pets as i understand?

The Poll for Conan Exiles is at 14 days and 10 days. So very respectful request that considers your concern and ours.

So please do the same what you request from us. Do not be selfish and say that we all need to accept 6 days or leave. Try to work with us and vote.

Kind regards


Heh, not all vacations feature planes or five-star accomodations. I realize it was not your argument to begin with, so responding to you is not fair, but I didn’t see the original.

Anyway, for a lot of family people, it might very well come down to a choice between a family vacation or a gaming laptop. I know I’m going to come down on the side of the family vacation every time, as will every family man I know.

Seems that most of the votes so far are in accord with six days being too little though, which is heartening.



I hear you but I rather have playability than catering to inactive players, this is why I mentioned selfishness. Nobody likes lag. If funcom struggles to fix the lag caused by player clutterings, then the clutterings shouldn’t last long if the players don’t play.

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