Any news or updates about the Decay Timer? Still short? If yes. Bye

Hi all.

I did quit last year due to the short Decay Timer. Else i did like the Game. But will only regain me as a gamer if i see a decay timer around 14 days.

As long as they do not change it i will not return.

So short question - how long is it currently`?

The answer is “Bye”.

I maintained my structures for a whole year on official servers, despite having gone abroad for vacations, and mind you I am a solo gamer. I had to buy a gaming laptop to keep my stuff.

If you don’t have the circumstantial constellation or mental constitution to upkeep something in Conan Exiles, then don’t play on official servers.

It’s a bit of an elite attitude, sure, but anyone who has maintained their stuff for this long has acclimatized to such a short decay timer.
In PvE, a short decay timer is the only weapon we PvEers have against griefers.

It’s called perseverance. The secret weapon is called boredom.

I would very much like to keep my priviledge of hard work.

Longer decay would pretty much spit on my effort of having bought a gaming laptop just for Conan Exiles.


Currently on official servers the maximum decay time is 168 hours (that is 7 days). After the decay period has elapsed then structures are in a “decayed” state for 24 hours … during which any player on the server can interact with the objects and select “demolish” to destroy them OR if the owner logs in then I think they can still reset the decay timer during that time (this I am not 100% sure about).

Thralls and pets get removed from the server if no owner logs in for 14 days.

I suggest you investigate private servers as options to play as the official servers have decay still set shorter than you prefer.
To see all servers available then ensure the tick-box that allows you to see servers with mods is enabled. Playing on servers with mods was made easier by an auto-mod checker and installer that you can activate in your settings so you do not have to manually load mods.

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Thank you.

Staying away then and hope one day they will go higher on decay.

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hope they dont.


Thrall and buildings should share a timer, and it should be at least two weeks.

And to the person trying to justify a one week timer, because you kept your structures for a whole year.

You said it yourself, you had to buy a laptop, while going on vacation just to keep your work.

Not everyone is so lucky, and some peoples “vacations” are not nearly as pleasent.

Examples: Military service, job training or travel, medical emergencies, funerals that are out of state, you need a new computer (reasons), (kids/school/job combo) leaves you not giving a shi* and the end of the week, but come day or two after you regret/wishful think how it syre would be nice to have your shi*.

I mean, comon. 1 week is a bad concept in these sandbox games atm, someone needs to come up with a better solution.


Why not adopt a system like ark that extends decay depending on tier of building. Mostly t1 buildings have decay of 1 week, t2 two weeks and t3 three weeks.


Actually the tiers do matter.
You need significantly less T3 building pieces to reach the maximum timer then you need T1

Not in the same manner, the end result is still a week decay timer no matter how much t3 you have built.

FUncom does not care about your schedule, only maintaining a 7 day decay rate.
They feel its best for them, and dont give a rats fuzzy behind for the player.

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If that is really the case that is unfortunate. I understand everyones fear of having sandstone bases littering servers but if they kept t1 at a week that shouldnt be much of a problem. The casual weekend player that tries the game and bails is not going to upgrade to t3.

Hey there,

The decay timer depends on the server. On official servers, it is 7 days except on vacations. On private servers, it can range to many settings including completely disabling it. If playing on the official server settings isn’t suitable to your needs, you can hop on to any of the plentiful private servers. There’s even a new server rating feature for private servers that can help you find your next favorite one. Or you can set up one with any settings of your liking.
If any of those options still don’t suit your play-stile and you chose to leave us, we wish you find what you seek for in your future gaming choices.
We’re going to proceed to close this thread as there are plenty of threads discussing decay already.

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