Decay time killed this game for my clan

I went on vacation for a little over two weeks. My clan mates were logging in to be sure our base wouldn’t decay, but missed it by a day over a week. Base completely gone. Thralls and animals ok, building gone. Over a week of game time building and storing items all gone simply because I went on vacation. We’ve all moved on to other games because of this. Why start from scratch In this game when you can go to another one and lose everything for simply going on vacation. I really miss this game, but just can’t put more time into a losing battle. This all happened at the time they released the new game add ons. Not investing any more in this game.


Yea, the rot/decay/wipe system is an obvious flaw most games havent dealt with correctly yet. As fun as survival games are, THAT is what ruins it most for me. Otherwise amazing time sink, and I just want more. But to lose it all, after weeks or months… thats such a self defeating game design. There are better, less painful solutions

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I have been asking fir a longer decay time for weeks . I will be on vacation on holiday for more than 8 days so all my time spent in Conan will be gone , so i asked then why should i keep playing ?

They did that back in july/august and sure help to be one of the best phase of this game . I hope they still change this before their Christmas vacation.

Why I am here complaining ? because i like spending time in Conan but everything has a decay time right ?

So your clan does not play unless you play? lol

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Can someone answer me this, does it affect too much the performance of the server of they raise the decay timer for more 1 or 2 weeks? Even with daily restarts on the server?

Back in july there were much more players , much, much more buildings and I remember very well that the game worked fine, even the NPC were doing great. They raise the decay time to 18 days (18) .

There wasn´t the pet upgrade , but now there are less players so…

It sure its possible .

I see, because raising the decay timer for 3 weeks would help TONS for players like the OP, I suffered with this too last month when I was on a trip, rebuilding all again now, the good thing is that my old server sucks, moved to a better one.


Yea we’ve lost our base before. 1 week isn’t enough. Should def be 2.


In general the time is good so the map is not full of half buides rubbles. To keep the map Clean.

B4 they added the decay it was not plase to build and no resourses to be found.


But some time you need option to have a longer time, whit a deasent coledown so you cant use it every time you log off.

I don’t mind a longer timer during holiday periods, but I wouldn’t want it all the time. On PvE servers where there’s a lot of turn-over from newbies and trolls, you’d be surprised how cluttered things can get even over the course of a single week.

What I would suggest is a mechanism a gaming league I used to work for employed “back in the day”. Once per quarter, allow a clan leader to request a rest period. The rest period could double the amount of time it takes for that clan’s holdings to decay, but they could only do this 4x a year max.

During Spring, one clan leader might opt to use their rest period near Easter since they have many players on Spring Break. Another might use it for the Chinese New Year.

During Summer, a clan leader might invoke rest period when they know their college-aged students have final exams followed by returning home for the summer.

During Autumn, a US clan might declare rest over Thanksgiving, while one in Germany might want some extra time to recover during Oktoberfest.


My preference would be that rest can only be invoked by clans that have been on a server for at least 1 month. In this way, it would not be as easy for trolls to join a PvE or PvE-C, and cause an extra week of frustration for long-time players by joining, spamming, and immediately requesting rest before heading elsewhere.


During the summer time they had l longer time 2 weeks i Think.

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Guys , they open a topic so we can vote how many days we want for decay time during holidays…14 days !!!1 yesssssss back to the game

I just carry my gaming laptop everywhere I go to avoid decay. It’s super convenient and mega heavy

You mean like the one where the vast majority voted for 14+ days and they responded by giving us 7? I mean it was +1 which was better than nothing, but… don’t hold out hope they’ll feel bound to follow community voting results

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If Devs are getting feedback from here and I am going to assume they are, this is where you introduce a $4.99 a month subscription system and disable decay. That way you aren’t forced to put out DLCs every 3 months to make any kind of revenue on the game outside new copy sales.

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Well that can be a solution of some need to be away a longer time but like to keep the loot. Not like you need to pay when you are activ.

Id rather them not create a pay to play without decay option.

It just means that griefers with money can block and build and leave without having with worry that their grief is going to eventually decay.

Also you will or can potentially have ghost towns of paying folk. 5 bucks a month is cheap

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Funcom has responded to the player suggestions of making Conan exiles a subscription game with a resolute “No”.

There are many non-official servers which have decay disabled or longer. The new auto-mod installer should make it easier for people to join these if they are seeking a non-decay server to play on.


I can’t agree with this completely. If it’s PVE-C, sure, increase that decay timer, but a stain on the PvP servers are guys that don’t play on them actively anymore but log in once a week to reset it. New person joins, new team joins, etc, now they quit cause 4 or 5 mostly inactive clans have a near impenetrable fortress in all the best spots, you think you’re gonna successfully farm for bombs or avatars with a base on the ground or in plain sight? Hardly. For PvP i think it should be less time, or maybe a certain amount of time spent in game to make sure the players are actually playing. But for PvE/-C by all means.