Going for holidays. Decay timer

4. Hello.
Im going for hidays. And not gonna login 9 days. There is any chance to save my building and items? I dont have anyone who could login.


if it is a private online server, check with the admin. If it is official, your only option is to find someone you trust and merge in clan.

Other options are less secure, as in giving your login to a trusted friend to log in once within 7 days to reset bases. Last option, with the new patch, you can always have a friend on server keep everything you owned in a vault, but you would still lose buildings, thrall wheels,pet pens, and altars. Sorry :confused:

I am in the same boat.

Going to be gone for 12 days starting Monday next week.

Looks like I am going to lose over 2000 hours of game time.

Absolutely ridiculous that nothing can be done.

I play solo on an official server and don’t know or trust anyone enough to take care of my bases.

It’s April guys! Spring break and Easter vacation time, you would think you could at least take that into consideration and increase the decay timers to 2 weeks.

Very doubtful that I am going to rebuild when I get back, seems like a huge waste of 2000+ hours.


Not sure if it’s been tested but you could also grab every item into your character inventory and log out then start fresh with a full inventory. I do think I heard that you would need to change your attributes to Encumberance so you don’t receive damage, not personally tested. Also I heard the game will limit you to the number of items you can actually have in inventory also not tested personally. Not ideal but worth a shot.

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true. 200 item slots. But again, they would lose all there land claim structures. And would have to find a safe palce to log out, so no one loots there body (pvp/pve-c)

Even More disappointed Devs won’t respond or likely even read these posts. 7 day decay is not fair. I don’t see the problem with 2 weeks.

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I get that trust might be an issue, but if anyone would like me to make a character on their server and then help that character get to your base (and adding to your clan) then I don’t mind logging in to refresh for you.

I have no desire to start building up new characters on new servers so your stuff would be safe :wink: besides, if you’re going to end up losing everything anyway then where’s the harm.

Anyway, the offer’s there, it takes 2 minutes to log in and refresh a base (assuming you only have the one base).

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