Decay system and me

So apparently not logging in for a week is the cap for decay to start?

This should be longer, summer is coming up, and being a soloplayer, like many others - everything I do now before summer is going to not matter at all, I am going on a 2 week vacation and by the time I’ll come back everything I’ve done will be decayed and gone?

Funcom pls

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Leave ur account with a friend, let them log in to renew the timer

I agree this, decay should start after two weeks like it used to be in EA.

I would, if I had friends :’(

It’s just me and an irl friend in the tribe, solo duo same same, but as I am leaving for 2 weeks, he’s leaving for 3 weeks. Got no other friends that play this game, or plays much at all.

Pls Funcom

1 week is realy bad in the summer

That sucks man, i feel bad for you

To let a frend is not working well in this game when the game in steambound, its not as in wow or so when its just a PV. An yes its the same for me, cant go off to ta tripp and in my job i can be gone in 10 dayes or so… needs to do a change in that atleast for the summer.

And yes the decay clock need to reset just by loging in so i dont have to run all over the map to tag all outpsts, and cant def not aske a frend to find them all. A yes if a frend is playing the game they are probbly in the same clan so then its no problem ther.

I mentioned this in an earlier post. My solution is to carry a laptop with me and stay close to wifi.

Lol! I didn’t even think of that, omg that’s awful, I guess I’ll have to start a new character AGAIN or just go ahead and not play anymore, that sucks. They should make it to where the area that your bed is in has no decay

Solo players have the option to turn off building decay as well as many other customizable ways to play. Personally, I believe this game feels more like survival while playing solo. But I’m also on ps4 and without a chat box, online feels like solo.


I had two bases with lots of crafting stations, one alter and a wheel of pain. After getting back from a trip for 5-7 days it was ALL GONE. What I found strange was that the log only showed a few foundation block destroyed by the ruin system, no sign of what happened to everything else.

I can’t find the motivation for building my bases up again on that official server again, since I would now only expect it to happen again and again. If Funcom are trying to make more people playing on private servers, then they are doing a good job, but I am concerned that lots of people will leave the game instead.

I see someone talking about changing the settings to two weeks instead of one, that would have been very helpful indeed, so count my vote on that! Also, the ruin system should gradually destroy the base, not all at once. That might have been a bug though, I surly hope so, will return to official servers later to give it a try.

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in my opinion : 2 weak of decay is realy too mutch.

after you raid a base, generaly player you raided leave server, and we should not wait 2 week until their base despawn.

Personaly i configure max decay cap to 7 day instead of 15, and i’m thinking to go less.

Yes its a tricky balance, to keep the players after the vacation/hard work period that dont like to start over and rebuild Everything and not to have the map literd whit half build/raid destroyrd buidings. But i Think atleast for the summer they shud have a longer decay time maybe up to 4 weeks. Yes to be raided and robed is one thing but you still have a more or less intact house to repare.

Yes you still have the caracter and maybe what on it no one have killed you…. not likely tho. but atleast the level. Maybe when you return you can have some remains in a type post box so you can easy rebuild whats gone. Aslong as you have the caracter still on the server.

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I’d rather the decay system started to reduce an items durability rather than just POOF! its gone. That way it would offer you a bit more time to recover your stuff and also allow those interested in the Land/Stuff a chance to raid it before it vanishes

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There are people who work travelling, one week is not enough, in EA it was 2 weeks, and it makes a lot of sense.

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you can change this if you have access to server ServerSettings.ini

i gess it’s this one : MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish=604800.000000

Option 1.After week 1 Stuff begins to lose durability, if at about 10,000 durability loss / day; or
416 durability loss /hour the most sturdy building materials would last an additional week (just), other perishables would break down much faster after the 1st week.
Option 2. After one week doors, chests, and boxes would become Opened or Unlocked.
In addition to the Decay rate.

I’m on vacation and left mine with a friend. He tried to login to the official server I play on and suddenly it’s asking for a password. I asked about it in the Xbox forum and got no reply. Guess we’re both SOL.

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