A bit of flexibility with decay system?

Hello everyone.
I’m here to try suggest some flexibility with the decay system.
I understand why such system is in place, and I totally agree that servers would be a mess if inactive players’ bases wouldn’t be removed after a bit.

I’m not a top player, and so far I just played in a PVE server, and I just started crafting steel items. Still, I’ve put already few hundred of hours in the game, and I find hard to swallow that my progress will be wiped out so easily just because I’ll go for a two weeks holiday next month and I’m not going to bring my console. I’d like to keep my console turned on all time, but I think you all know this won’t be easy, nor a safe solution for this issue.

I know, I’m not the first nor I’ll be the last complaining about it, and I’m not special. I just hope Funcom would consider to make some adjustment on the decay system if we’re enough “complaining” about it. This said, I’m trying to give a constructive feedback, so I have some ideas/suggestions to implement a solution.

I think we should somehow get a longer decay time, or give us the chance to refresh the timer through secondary ways (mobile app maybe, or a dedicated website/page where to checkin and refresh the decay timer).
Alternatively, maybe we can have some kind of Holiday status to setup, to get at least some more time (even a week more is fine).

Again, I know this has been asked before, and I’m sure the answer would be most likely negative, but I still want to give my opinion.
Thanks for reading.

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