Decay Timer, needs to be extended

I cannot come back to this game with the current decay timer. My job requires travel, sometimes more than 6 days. I cannot invest 3 months of building and investing then leave on business or vacation for one week than come back to nothing. I saw a poll that a fellow member posted, I saw that most favored 2~3 weeks of decay time. This seems reasonable especially during the summer and winter breaks where players could be gone for up to 2 weeks. What , if anything, is Funcom doing to address this?

Sorry if this is a duplicate message, I ran a search on active blogs and found none other than the poll.


I work in the oilfields and travel quite often. I work for 16 hours a day, for two weeks straight, away from home. I’ve taken it upon myself to bring my xbox with me to login every couple days to reset my base timer.

Exaclty, forcing ppl to log once a week is not nice at all, games must feel entertainment, not a job.

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It most certainly is (a duplicate message, or rather a n-plicate, where n is a very high number indeed), but no need to apologize for it.

You already found the poll (and I’ll assume you voted in it), good. Funcom must be aware that a significant majority of their players would prefer a longer decay timer. Why they haven’t done anything with it (or even, to my knowledge, acknowledged the result of the poll), I can only speculate - but I’m not going to. I’m going to believe they’re discussing it, and trying to determine what (if any) repercussions this might have.

There’s also been some very interesting alternatives suggested to a straight-up extension of the timer (I still think I’d prefer a moderate extension of the timer, though). Preferably both.

I mainly play in weekends. Ending on Sunday it’s not an issue if I log in on Saturday the week after.
But the moment I can’t and log in on Sunday all my bases are gone.

Please Funcom, set it to at least 8 days, and could you put in a sort of holiday mode, where you can extend it for maybe a week? To avoid abuse you could deny logging in during that period so only people who go on an well earned vacation can use it

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I need this too. Went traveling for 2 weeks, came back to nothing after I had spent hundred of hours playing …

Can we make this something related to how much resources and building you have? So that if you build too much it won’t decay as easily.

@Funcom_Community People will quit much on this state!! 2 of my friends already dropped the game after this happened!!

Yeah, I refuse to play anymore until its fixed or else I abandon the game. Thanks all for the support.

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