Prolonging the decay timer


I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but please consider adding a way to prolong the decay timer for a base.

With summer vacations approaching, 6 days is not nearly enough time on PvE and PvE-C servers, especially if you’re a solo player. I understand that 6 days is to prevent foundation spamming and the like. For that reason, I think you should implement some sort of craftable object that can be used to give some extra time to a base before it decays. The materials could be absolutely obscene (5k hardened brick + 5k shaped wood… or whatever, make it 10k), but as long as we know a vacation is coming up, we could farm the necessary materials to extend the decay by a week, two weeks, etc.

I think this would be a fair solution. I’m sure there would be some super dedicated griefers out there to take advantage of this, but if they’re that dedicated, nothing is stopping them from logging in everyday to refresh their bases anyway. I’ve seen far too many people on my server so far who’ve had to be away for a few days and they come back to an empty base (you can loot it after 5 days) and they quit for good. As for myself, I’ll have to go to the US soon from Europe for a week or two, and I know my ping will be too high to connect to the European server. So right now I’m facing the possibility that everything I’ve done so far will go poof given that there is absolutely no way to prolong the decay timer without logging in (or having clan mates that will log in in your absence).

Not very healthy for the game IMO.

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Check my thread on flags. It might solve that issue too.

Vacation mode for instance would be good.

BUT I REALLY REALLY would like to see at least 2 weeks on any structure by default.

Reason being twofold:
PVE player here. We as a clan has many many bases around the map.
And some of my clanmates are on vacation so my game now is only to run around open like a 100 doors in about every 4 days. Just to prevent their structures to decay.

Non connected structures has their own timer which means my archer towers, outhouses, small houses in the town hell even the wall around it has separate timers.
My small shrine in the pond and the fishtraps on that underwater foundation…etc.
ALL HAVE SEPARATE Timers. and if I forget to open one door something is missing in less than a week!

So these issues must have been addressed. the sooner the better.

And anyways the “launch hype” is long ended no need to erase structures that much anymore.

On PVP ppl can blow up things so again no need there for decay.

(edit: ONE important thing i would like to see implemented: if someone using a public access thing on our base the decay timer should be reset as if we would use it. ie maproom, elevators, (possible door opening or (open chest if we finally get the option back to make em open for public))