Change decay? Make those who build big pay in mats?

Hi i was wondering if it would be possable to make those who build really big bases and those who wall off big part of the map have a shorter decay timer or/and need to repair them more often?

Leave my bases alone please!:joy:

Would this mean people could place one foundation for a 168 hour timer?
Also, if I’ve spent months building a base, why would I be punished just because I play the game?

Doesn’t make sense to be honest.


stop it seriously… I hate everyone of these decay posts!


So I’m going to spin this a different direction. I think that base builds size and scope should be considered as a multiplier for the Purge. The more you build the bigger you build the higher the multiplier is for you purge points. Meaning you would get purged more often.

I look at the purge as a way that the exiled lands seeks to cleanse your footprint. So the large the footprint harder the purge will try to cleanse you.

Currently the purge points are awarded for the following.
Log in
Play for an hour
Kill player
Kill NPC
Build tier 1
Build tier 2
Build tier 3

For someone like myself who already has 12 bases around the map in tier 3 building isn’t something I do. So that leaves me killing to fill the meter.

Additionally at least on PVC there are clans that just log in to keep their build and never have to worry about a purge. Also as stated above intrusive builds around resources on PVC are complicated to work around or destroy. Honestly every time I see a post where someone mentions the shattered springs being cut off I figure they just jump servers. That’s what I would do.

Back to the point if the purge was also based on the amount of building pieces placed at some point no matter how little time you put into the game you would get purged. Meaning you either decide to play the game (not just log in to refresh a base) or you stop just logging in to refresh a base just to see it get purged.

These are just thoughts off the top of my head and if nothing else I hope you enjoyed the read.

Good luck out there Exiles.


I would love to have bigger purges. I can get on board with your idea I would start actually collecting thrall. I play PvEC so there pointless to me. Having a shorter decay for people that spend more time on the game is just foolish. I have a ton of bases my timer would be like 20hours :unamused:


Now that indeed is a very interesting proposal. That’s why I Wak’ked that :heart: button. :joy:
I for one would welcome a more challenging purge. I assume that would also make purges easier for new players aswell.

I’d also like to see a new purge indicator, that displays other users purges. I feel like the purge should be more of a global event.
It would add the extra risk of being ambushed mid purge! Although personally, I would only ever assist in that situation.


that^ 8]


Maybe you are fine with it. And maybe you play all day and never make a vacation without any Internet/Laptop.

But enough other people are not like that…

PS.: I also find the idea in this post stupid…

I hate overbuilding as much as the next guy. but i don’t think flat out decaying bases is the answer. I think the better choice is for all other things to have decay timers, all be it slow ones. this would remove the massive amounts of stached loot that allows players to log in and only refresh. Those that play, wouldn’t be too harmed as well, as they are still on, and can farm as needed. But there is no risk in only logging in 1 time a week for 15 minutes to refresh a huge base. Maybe (and this is just throwing something out there) if any base gets less than 24 hours left on the decay, it can take damage from explosives. Not chests, vaults etc… but building pieces like foundations and walls, and possibly thralls/pets can be killed by other players. This would allow people to at least slowly clear out refresher clans large bases. For those that are going to be taking a slight break, they could put all their stuff in vaults, and shrink their footprint. this tied to decay timers on all materials, would remove clutter on servers faster than the current decay system.


I work a standard 9-5 job and have a life after work. I dont have time to play this game all day…

I still have time to hop on the game once a week minimum. If you cant find time to do that then you dont need to be playing a real time survival game thats all.

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Yes great point. We talk about this regularly on the server I play on. Multiple clans who all take part in the purge for each individual clan. An icon on the map showing that a purge is happening at X location.

On the upside it would let people know if a neighboring base was getting purged. Since the purge will attack any structure we could defend our own base from someone else’s purge. We could also help anywhere on the map that there was a purge.

On the downside I think trolls would use this function to steal named thralls from the clan receiving the purge.

All in all it’s something I would support even if it was just a test.

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I think this needs to happen no matter what other changes come.


If I want people to assist at my purges, then I’ll volunteer that info in chat. However, there are a lot of times when I check the player list and would prefer to handle things solo or with just the help of a few competent friends.

So that’s a hard NO to globally announcing purges from me. People who need help can already ask for it, and I see no reason to enable trolls and incompetents to screw up what’s one of the most enjoyable challenges of PvE gameplay. I’ve seen too many instances of witless people who don’t keep up with global chat arriving and messing up purges (because they don’t pay attention) to want everyone to have a blanket invitation.


Absolutely agree. The purge should be an event that affects only the one who pays the effort to trigger it… if he needs help, he can share info to whoever he wish for…
As for the part that may affect ur neighbor, the neighbor should keep a safe distance from the build already existing in an area…


I think that is part of the fun personally. It reminds me of delivery missions in GTA. Most people here seem terrified to lose anything. Hardened PvP players don’t care as much.
My PVE-C build reminds me of the TV show ‘Hoarders’. :grin:
So I understand why people get attached, especially if they haven’t been wiped 200 times.

I do like the idea of a longer term storage solution. However, I think we would just find vaults littered around everywhere.

As a once proud member of the PC master-race (Although now I’m a filthy platform-mixer).:joy: I can understand that you probably don’t realise console players don’t have global chat.
By the time you message relevant people on console half your base will be gone!
PS/Xbox UI is awful.

Adding the possibility of being trolled is something that appeals to me.
For a PvP server this would be incredible, and would create a (PvP-E?) battle royale type situation.
Last person alive gets the skeleton key, or purge thralls, if they haven’t been massacred.

I can totally understand that. In addition after thinking more about it I think it would be devastating to the PVP peeps as it would make where ever the purge was a target for a raid to come at the same time.

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to be honest i did not knew such a thing. but even us playing on pc, we rarelly announce it global. i have a steam team chat with people that r really sometime at the server (as i play on officialls and many trolls r there). whatever purge goes on we hand loot /knocked thralls to the purge owner… and this goes for all. i would hate any random person coming at my purge uninvited… id strengthen my base defences if that was the case.
so i will strongly agree with @Larathiel. purge should concern only the one who puts effort to trigger it. it is on him after that to announce it or not


Come at me bro! :joy::joy:

Whoever was raiding would have to watch their backs aswell.
It would certainly make life more difficult, but it could be the extra little boost weaker clans need to take the Alpha.
Personally, I think raid defence is far too easy in its current state.

Yes I know, that’s kind of what I would like to change. I just feel like we need more ‘Global Events’ the purge seems like a good/easy place to start.

@LordKAA I’d be all in favor of some Destiny 2 style public events if that’s what you have in mind…