Decay timer too short

It seems like even the largest of the structures are limited to a 144h decay cap, I think that is really low considering the amount of time one can put into building a functional, well designed and decorated base. This cap only forces players to be part of a clan, a solo player is bound to eventually spend more than 6 days away, traveling, being busy, etc… and lose countless hours invested into the game.

It used to be a lot more before release, what has happened? Why is this necessary?


I raised the same question just before launch. We had some relatively large bases that seemed to cap at 143:59. Funcom replied that building larger should increase the timer while one other player said it would cap at twice that much. Most players were more concerned with other issues. I will see if we are able to build beyond 143:59. If there is indeed a cap at 143:59 it seems short to me once we go away for the holiday.

i’s liek them to decrease it. land claim spammers are getting 145 hours off a single placement.

I can understand decreasing it for land spammers. My biggest problem is all the abandoned buildings in pve! Couldn’t they atleast clean up all the abandoned buildings? Or all the random columns and foundations scattered throughout the map? I’m pretty sure that’s where allot of lag is coming from. My base isn’t small but it isn’t huge either I have 3 floors 1 wall high each a simple wall going around it and my alters around the wall (due to distance limit).

Yeah, I feel discouraged to build with this short cap, I have spent countless hours building my house, making is very realistic and functional, at the same time not large. But just like everybody else I take short leaves from the game, next month for example I will be traveling for 5 days, by the time I come back all my work will be at the edge of being lost!

This is totally wrong, 20 foundations + altar has the same decay my entire house and time invested on building it

There are some settings on my private server that are now available. I do not think they were there before. I am not sure how big of a structure you need to trigger the max building decay time but it is 360 hours (1296000 seconds) or 15 days it seems. Auto demolish is 168 hours (604800 seconds) or 7 days.

It also looks like they have started to implement an AFK timer as well. Which is awesome.

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