How are your decay timers doing?

We seem to cap our decay timer at 143:59 at the moment. 6 days. A fair few other relatively large bases around the server seem to sit at around the same amount. Is there such a cap now, and will it remain so after release? Playing on official pvp server.

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There is such a cap and it will be like this for release. Used to be 2 weeks, now it’s 1 week (it’'s been patched a couple of patches ago).

Thx! Seems a little short for someone with a casual playstyle. Then again there are other servers with different settings. Let’s see how the comunity responds to this after release. Servers are pretty clean now at least, which is great👍

Should be fine to be casual so long as you’re not also a solo player. Anyone from your clan being nearby will reset that decay timer.

I think 7 days is to short, what if you are solo and go on a weeks vacation? Nothing in the game says you have to be in a clan with multiple people.

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What if there are 200-400 solo players which do not play on daily basis but like to build on every sq meter they can? I tell you it means 2-4 server fps for those who try to play this game.
You can easily build new base for solo exile when come back to the game after all

That is definitely the other extreme solo case. That is a problem as well, but in my opinion 7 days is way to short. 10 days or 14 would be more acceptable.

Also, the Purge is supposed to work against those type of players. So if the purge is working as intended, do we really need a 7 day decay timer? then i think 14 would be better to let people take a vacation or a break.


I can say this literally happened to me just now. Played this game almost 24/7 for the last few weeks. Got to 60 and was working on building a big t3 base. But, went on vacation to Disney with the family for a week, literally Saturday to Saturday. Came back and everything, literally EVERYTHING was gone. I was afraid this might happen before I left but, to actually see it happen… is quite disheartening.

Could I start from scratch and farm everything again… yeah… I guess. But, at this point… I’ve kinda lost enthusiasm. Between all the times I’ve had to start over because I’ve lost my body for one reason or another and now this… I’m just not sure I can motivate myself to get back on anymore. It’s a bit depressing really, for all its faults I did enjoy the game after all. sigh :anguished:


Fully understand your situation buddy as weve just experienced this ouraelves on our server. We buily quite a substantial base up north and lost it all. Weve purchased a server now and made it so that buildings dont decay. They can still be destroyed as its a pvp server but thankfully all the hard work put in wont have it suddenly disappear. Our servers called the lucrative grind if anyones interested in coming over.

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I fully agree with you. The same happened to me. It demotiveted me to come back to the game. It motivated me to go back to my retailer and get back my money i paid for Conan as there was NO CLEAR product information that if you dont log longer than week you will loose all your progress in the game. I wonder if Funcome will feel so confortable with loosing money they get from Conan day by day by players returning the game and when they stop replying with such a self confidence that they made a great decoy set up for the players?
1 million $ loss? 5 ? 100? How many?

It really is too short, 14 to start the decay and 20 to lose it all in my opinion would be ok, but 6 days its absurd, ill have to travel in 2 months from now for 16 days, the thing a like the most in this game is base building so whats the point in continuing playing if i´m gonna lose it all in less then a week

Nobody is pleased with this short timer, nobody, it doesnt do any good. It also hurts solo players greatly, people are almost forced to join clans. Its more than reasonable eventually have to spend 6+ days away, there are MANY things could force a player be away for this long:

Unexpected technical problems
Business trip

Unless you are in a clan you are risking lose everything you own even if you dont mean to.