Disappearing builds - decay?

Can anyone explain why, when I have left my main base for over a week, while I explore elsewhere (logging on every few days) up in the north. I finally return back south and my base has decayed? Just thralls and pets remain. I’m fed up as my buildings and taming pens have disappeared periodically before for no apparent reason server pvp uk 2001. and I’ve rebuilt but I really cannot face yet another rebuild. Surely I shouldn’t have to visit all my bases every time I log in. We’re a clan of 2 people so it just isn’t realistic. Server pve uk 2001 official.

Yes you do need to be within close proximity to a structure in order to affect its decay timer. Sometimes the game registers your presence as you approach it and by the time you get to it then the timer has been reset to the maximum calculated for that structure/item.
Sometimes it does not and you need to stand close to it for a couple of minutes … I always use a repair hammer to check that the timer has been refreshed before running away.

I play in a clan of two myself on an official pve server (since May 2018). We have seven bases and I am the one who ensures that none of them decay. They are all at the maximum 168 hour decay time. I set myself reminders in an iPad calendar at the SIXTH day after I last visited each so I know I have a 24 hour grace period to visit them before the time has expired … not that hard to do really. Even running most of the length of the map to get to the ones not near an obelisk it’s not that much time. Decrease the number of locations you own if you don’t have time to travel between them.

These are the settings on an official server. If you don’t want to deal with a decay timer system then you will need to find a private server with decay turned off.

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All official servers use the default decay timers, which admittedly aren’t very long to players that are not frequently on during a week, so that can be an issue. Only private servers really offer that solace as sometimes the admin will make the timer longer or nonexistant.

not all structures reset to max decay timer when you visit them. i do have 3 smaller structures t1 and they do not reset to max when i am near them or using them. one of them is 1 foundation away from my main base and still have a low decay timer. for every 10ish min I am nearby they get 2 hours added to the decay timer (this is official btw). the structure has to be big enough/higher grade materials to be considered a proper base with decay refreshed on log in and being nearby. I am not sure what exactly are the criteria though.

Yes you are correct…not all will get the maximum time … as you described the game calculates the maximum decay allowable for each structure/placeable up to max of 168 hr (on official). As I understand it each item has a “time-weighting” (for want of a better description) that the game adds up and assigns to the “structure”…whatever that might consist of … eg small house with fish traps close enough that the game associates the fish traps with the house.
I remember it was confirmed that different tiers of material have different time-weightings … so tier one less than tier 3 … effectively meaning you need more t1 pieces attached to each other than t3 to get to max possible decay.

Just a thought, and I have no expectation that you will follow up on it… I suspect in your case if you connected the small t1 buildings with low timer to the larger base then the game would reassess the building (maybe on server restart & your next log in) … and then destroying that physical connection will not cause them to be disconnected again. But if they are built at different height or not exactly one foundation away from each other you won’t be able to get a piece to snap into both of them …
I had a 6 x 8 sandstone building next to fishing traps that I wanted to replace with a t3 building that I wanted linked by a bridge to another base. So I built the bridge first and when I got to the water I started building the t3 building. I had to destroy parts of the sandstone building to complete the t3 building and it’s decay timer fell below 168hrs. The sandstone building never picked up the timer of the other building despite being very close together … perhaps because it was built first or perhaps as the foundations of each were different heights so the game could not reconcile them as being “one structure”. For several days the fishing traps shared the lower sandstone building timer … then one day I noticed a few had changed to be the same as the new t3 building.

they are built in a way that cant be connected but i dont really mind as they are t1s. just thought i would clarify that not all structures get 168 hours decay timer and full reset if you visit them once per day for a minute.

Had this happen on official pvp, clan of 10 and still had structures decay, mainly map rooms/buildings, we haven’t been down by a few days and they popped.

I have started to watch the event log quite a bit, for when structures go into an abandoned state before decaying.

The solution is to build buildings out of different mats, such as Aquilonian for the map rooms and Frontier for mining FOBs. It helps with base management quite a bit.

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