Decay System acts weird

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Decay system acts weird i keep loosing things i walk by / use everyday.
First time my fishing traps dissapeared, had them in my old base because tehres water and my new base doesnt have watter supply (dont like the fish nets in fountain stuff)
So everyday i would come visit my old base to gather fish put them in liquid pomps rest in fireplaces (with tier 4 thralls) etc. As i said i do this everyday. And one day POOF they were gone.
It was old base so some parts of i i didntuse (animal pen stables old thrall weel)did dissapear before - even tho i was near them everyday but i didnt use them so didnt care)

Yesterday in my new base foundation below my water well dissapeared and my well lost stability… thats one of two water wells in my big base. I USE IT LIKE 10 times a DAY! even more… ITS ON WAY TO EXIT FROM MY BASE so i ride / walk pass this foundation liek 40 times A DAY. How it can decayed in 12 hours…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build something
  2. Use it everyday
  3. Be supriced when it dissapears
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Just to add (i saw different threads) its not meteor shower :slight_smile: its decay system - ive checked log.

plus my base isnt even in that zone

Its not about how many times you use it really. Some questions to better understand what might be happening.

Were the foundations attached to your main base?

Did you press tab (pc) (not sure what the button is on consoles) or equip a repair hammer to check the decay timers?

Foundations away from your main structure are put on a different decay timer. It not about how many times you touch it at that point if you want the full 7 day timer you need to play online for long periods to build the timers up…Or find a way to connect it to the main structure to share the same decay timer.

[Edit] Some help tips I have learned…

It helps when you want things farther away to build a sandstone line (connected to your base) to where you wanna build. Build in whatever materials and then remove the sandstone line. The timers should stay in sync with the base.
The more foundations placed the higher the decay timer goes. The farther the range from your base the smaller the timer starts (example you do not snap foundations to your base but put one 5 meters away it starts with a 4 hour timer, put a foundation 10 meters away it starts with an hour and a half).

We had similar after the patch, our main base is H8 and the animal pens were on the same timer as our base but for some reason they decayed and the base didn’t.

I’ve also noticed since the followers 2 patch that stacks of food taken from a fridge (yes it has ice) then put into a stove / campfire is seeing some of it instantly turning to putrid meat. The first time it happened I just thought I was imagining it but it has happened since then.

About the second part, thats not related that is a desync problem that has been around since the start. The only downside is when it happens with cooking. If it would have happened with a smelter or a wheel you would have had a smile on your face for the crafting speed!
About the first.
I played a few days on another server when i came back the thatch stack that is in front of me was at 30 hours. My base behind it was immediately at 167 hours. Now i have been building my base out so i have been close to this stack and it has crept up to 108 hours.

The desync possibly, I put a bunch of rock in a furnace last night and it vanished (pretty sure it just turned to bricks but I cannot say for sure)

As for our base it has been the same for months, and connected. There was no reason for our pens to decay and the base was fine, we were also logged in on the base every day. Something screwy happened with the patch. We are not new players and we understand timers.

Were the pens on foundations? Asking that because i havent found a way to connect them myself.
After the patch how much time was there before any of your guild visited your base?
maybe the patch reset timers to their base value and not their loaded value?
What i mean with that is that thatch thing in my screenshot was at 34 hours when i first checked it 2 days ago. In a few days with enough playing time it might go up to 167 hours?

no it cannot , only if u connect it or upgrade the build to more pieces , higher tier ones or add specific placables/building pieces (like a doorframe, fire pit , ceiling and bedroll) can increase the timmer… another option would be if what u built is connected to ur base (so all counts as one piece for AI) and there is a third way to have been renewed , but wont talk about it here

Yes that how it works. Then you just need to ‘touch’ it once a week after that to keep the timers up.

[Edit] Actually I should mention that I only play on Official PVE-C servers. Could be other servers are different.

Sorry, guys, but i read several things in this topic that are only “partially correct” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Let me sum up the main facts about decay, so there is less confusion:

  • The decay timer is dependant on how many structure pieces (ie: foundations, walls etc) are connected together and how many placables are added (ie: vaults, temples, torches etc.) and what tier all of them are. The more pieces and the higher the tier, the higher the timer will be until max. 7 days.

  • Building pieces connected together are treatet as one structure and they will share one building ID and therefore one decay timer. Even if they were once connected and you take the connecting foundation away, they will still share timer and building ID. A player who is not a clan member can check this out with the repair hammer.

  • As long as you are several seconds near that structure, the timer will be reset to maximum. This is true for all building pieces sharing this ID, even if they do not have a direct connection at the moment. After you walk away from this structure or log out, the timer will decrease.

  • If not reset, the timer will decrease until the seven days are over. From this moment on, the “grace period” can beginn. This will only happen if a player enters the render distance! So for 24 hours from the moment, the grace period is triggered, a payer can either delete doors and chests one by one or delete the whole structure at once erasing one structure piece. After the grace period is over (24 h+), the structure and therefore all dependant placables will disappear in the moment a player will enter the render distance.

  • The decay timer can be reset to max. by non clan members by either placing an explosive jar on the relevant structure or doing damage to it.

  • Placeables will share the timer of a nearby structure if they are close enough (~1m? check this with a repair hammer!). They do not have to be on foundations however.

  • Building pieces of different structures (with different IDs), for example single foundation pieces thrown on the ground without direct connection to each other, can interfere with their timers sometimes, but this seems to be a bug and is not reliable for your planning and building conception. If you are attacking a land claim done in this way, it can happen that the grace period for single pieces will not trigger until you re-enter the render distance or server restart. This does not happen consistantly, though.

Edit: Placeables are also adding to the decay timer ofc.
Always keep your building pieces connected to each other, and use a repair hammer to check them out!


r4nd0mGamer, you mentioned:

which intrigued me. Is this visible ingame, or from experience in developing mods?



Neither of the two. In the past, this “building ID” was displayed in the eventlog when a structure changed into the “decayed” mode. I am just supposing that something similar is still in use…

Copy. Good clue and one that I plan to ask about elsewhere. Thanks !




You make me proud :blush:


This is thus not true anymore. As an example scroll up and look at my screenshot of this “building” as you can see now in the new screenshot its timer is set to max now where as a few days ago is was 108 hours and less just after i got back.

I thought it worked like you described as well but apparently something has changed and some building ID’s seem to load like a battery from your continued presence.

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You say that the timer is higher now than it was a few days ago. I suppose that you just added something to your built since then probably. I didn´t want to spy on you, but there´s something in your hotbar showing you have been busy decorating :wink:

Still it´s quite possible that while approaching a building with the repair hammer, it might take some time until the decay timer returns to maximum.

To your whole patronizing post.
Here i made the same building again for you now on another spot, 6 sandstone wedge foundations with 6 thatch wedge sloped roof. Just for you try to build that. It used to be that it would have the max decay it could have after you build it. Now just stand there for a minute and then press tab or your repair hammer again. See that your presence has increased the decay timer? Mine is at 36:54:00 after typing this.

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As admin you can use “buildingidentify” as a console command which shows you the building id and that way you can compare if buildings are connected.


Is this your constructive feedback? To me this sounds more like an insult, since you didn´t even point out what about my post was wrong or inappropriate.

As a start you cited three lines of my description of different parts of the complex decay mechanic and claimed they were “not true anymore”, but you did not point out what in detail you were referring to.

You didn´t answer if my assumption was correct that your building might have increased and therefore did have a higher timer. And I still cannot see the contradiction here:

If there was a misunderstanding, we should have cleared it.
But for now, I can only find a really “patronizing” conclusion to this discussion with you:
It´s a waste of time for me.

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