Why did decay timers on nearly decayed foundations suddenly jump to 336 hours?

Online Official server 1514
PVE server

Been watching a neighbor’s foundation griefing around my base slowly start to decay. Several times the decay timer increased on random sections literally by just inspecting them with a repair hammer. I watched a section of sandstone foundation go from 3 hours to 18 hours to 168 hours in 5 minutes just by looking at it. The offending player hasn’t been on in several weeks now but i’ve only been able to destroy a few sections due to this random decay timer change.

Now, I log in today and was able to destroy a small section that had finally ticked down. Go to inspect the next and it’s back up to 112 hours which had been down to around 30. I go back to check it a few minutes later due to the odd behavior explained above and it’s at 336 hours?!?!?!? Wtf is this system?

I get the summer decay time change but does this mean that anything that hasn’t been touched in weeks suddenly gets new life? And to that point, not all the buildings reset. A lot of the foundations build around my base did reset to 336 hours but literally his main base did not, it’s sitting at 108. So i’m not buying this explanation.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t really know how the decay system works in much detail. I usually play in Singleplayer mode where decay is almost irrelevant. I’ve got a character on a testlive server that I visit the map rooms regularly to make sure they don’t disappear. Other than that, I don’t know much about it. You asked about decay times, and I posted a link about decay times.

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Wak shoved a way to refresh timerd on other players/clans builds. Place one explosive jar down a few times on the build in question and it gets refreshed. Usefull if one wants to keep a maproom alive if it aint yours, or simply help out.

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Not sure what this has to do with anything. I’m wanting the foundations to decay so I can get rid of them but they keep randomly refreshing even though the other player hasn’t been on in at least two weeks.

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So just interacting with someone else’s structure will bump the decay time?

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Decay is completely broken, I lost a new stove and a named thrall, not to count new fish traps, new bee hives and other items I am about to give up playing on a public server because there is no fun in grinding out items repeatedly for hours to spend 1 hour of play. How can you make bran new items and they are deleted the next day in most cases. Just broken beyond repair

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Did you place them on foundations?

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I’m guessing from reading this that your neighbors build (the one you want gone) is built close to yours? I’m also guessing that the parts that won’t decay are the closest to your base.

What I have seen in the past is if you build to close basically inside someone else land claim the decay timer can leak (for lack of a better term) to someone else’s structure.

If what I said above is right then your base timer is refreshing their base. If I’m wrong in my guesses then it’s something else that I have never seen.

You can try these things if what I described fits your situation.

  1. Let your decay timer run down and have someone not in your clan come to destroy the unwanted pieces.

  2. Demolish some of your own stuff, whatever is closest to what you want gone and let the timer run down.

Hope this helps.

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The Decay timer change planned for today it’s what did it, the OP said he logged in today (yesterday for me lol) July 2nd, the decay timer doubling started, which could explain the weird numbers he was seeing.

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Only thing with that is, not all the foundations went up to 336 hours. I’d say about 60% of his foundations did, while his main base was around 108. Maybe it’s as Wak says, there’s some sort of “leak” with the timer being updated by my construction. If that’s the case, this should be addressed as a bug for sure.

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Secondary note to this nonsense. I posted this 8 hours ago and the time on the foundations was 336. The time on the foundations now is 332:37. So 8 hours has past, yet the foundations have ticked down 4 hours…

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Press TAB key on structures instead of using a repair hammer.

As to the decay system, there are some ways to get another player’s structures share your decay timer, which I won’t mention here. You might want to check if any of your decay timers are the same as your neighbor’s, in which case, there’s nothing you can do, except call in admin support.

Like Charmain suggested, maybe some other player is trolling you and reset your neighbor’s base by placing an exploding jar.

Also take into consideration that if you recently had a purge, if a single block gets destroyed, the entire structure gets reset.

There’s also the possibility that your neighbor had different decay timers for different parts of his base.

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I would possibly agree with that if I didn’t see the decay timer go up 3 times in 5 minutes while I was inspecting it. No one else was on at the time so it wasn’t someone using the exploding jar. It’s definitely not the player doing it since their main base is still at a lower decay time. Maybe the shared timer but there’s another section that’s at the border of the claimed area that’s on a different timer all together.

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Verified that the structures around my base do not match my decay timers. And now the decay timer went back up a couple more hours to 334 hours. This is ridiculous.

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@Ignasi are you certain you want to mark my linked announcement as the solution? Reading further into the conversation, it looks like @windergard is discussing a different issue.

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A couple of things to take into account :

  • If you place an explosive jar on top of someone else’s structure, it will reset the timer. Triggering it does not matter, just placing it is enough.
    (This is quite useful to maintain usefull ennemy structures like maprooms)

  • Shooting an explosive arrow on a structure does not reset the timer. However, destroying something if you keep shooting will reset the timer to full.


Since the ‘closed’ action was taken, if some or any of you think your problem is not solved I would suggest a new thread with specific differences. To all appearances, it would seem the linked solution covers it, so be sure to call out where the differences lie.

Post and be heard.




This is absolutely not the solution. Screenshots from just a few minutes ago.

Offending players main base, note it has NOT changed to the new summer hour decay time:

My base timer:

Timer on foundations closest to my base:

A different set of foundations on opposite side of my base from above for reference:

If it was just because of the summer hours, why was his MAIN BASE not updated? If it is because of proximity to my base, first, how is this NOT a bug? Second, why does it not match the timer on my base?

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