Serious Decay bug timernever goes down..serious issues

For 2 days this tribe has not been on for past 24 hours we watched the foundations every time it goes under 143.45 it reboots back up to 144.00 it will never decay at this rate at all. This is on server 1930 area is just below feyas hutt they surrounded base with foundations. Yes before i say it its saber but enclosed are screenshots a dev can come check if they want. I checked my foundations with a friend mine goes down but the foundations they have placed doesnt ever go below143. You have said many times in forums people should wait out decay rate how can we when this is going on?

how can my structures be refreshing structures not even mine?

1 hour later tribe not on… decay timer is…

My base

my base is refreshing there timers.

This is a base not within anything saber has down just 10 feet away from any foundation wall etc.

if u notice the timers all go down on anything not near anything this tribe has placed. So why is it anything they placed and not being on for days refreshes on timers but other peoples bases decay and timers go down past 148?

Tribe has not been on 2 days timer should have gone down, if u check other screenshots a friend went offline and timer did

this is there base not near anyone

this is when i left

this is when i cameback and they arent on. Timer resetted.

There base before i hit my base area

My base

There base after i go to mine

We know now how to make your base never decay but noway i am removing my base, this tribe needs to have there stuff removed. Since they are exploiting other people have bases decay when they are absent why should these people be allowed.

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