Since purge, someone else's base decay timer have been bound to me

Hi, I think I am experiencing a rare and weird bug.
I am built near new asagarth since a while and about a month ago a clan of naked dudes joined the server (official pve) and started building bases around. They played for 1 weekend and built like 2 sandstone bases, one of them is not finished, missing 3/4 of the walls, and makes no sense. This said base is so close to my base that after picking up a fence at my fishing shack, I could not replace it because “land is already claimed”.
At some point the purge have hit my main base, but the other clan’s base is so close to mine that the purge monster started attacking that… they broke a couple of blocks (so yeah, you can destroy someone’s base on a pve server by dragging the purge attacking you to their base). Ever since that purge, the other clan’s decay timer on that said base, have been bound to me… they havent log on in like 3-4 weeks, their other base (with stations and a roof) have decayed, but that thing they built and havent finish is still here, with a fresh 144hours decay timer the second I log in, but I cant destroy it because I “dont own this”…leading me to think that my purge attacking their base bounded the decay timer to me.
At this point im just destroying it a couple of blocks at a time when Im lucky enough to get purged…
help me plz!

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