Buildings decayed despite me being there a few days to a day before

Game mode: [Online | PvE | official Server #1026]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

The last days I had two buildings decay despite me resetting the timer a few days before and just yesterday.


The Sandstone Foundation above was a Wheel of Pain placed on Foundations with Walls and Ceilings around it to get to the maximum timer (at least to the 144 hours before the “temporarily” increased timer). It decayed something like 3 or 4 days after I was there the last time. So even with the old timer it shouldn’t have decayed.

The Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden Foundation was a Public Map Room. Also placed on Foundations with Walls and Ceilings around it. The whole building, too, had the maximum decay timer post patch.
I was there a few times the last week and even just yesterday, but today it was gone.

To confirm - you did manage to reset the timer right?

In this case this might be due to a purge or maybe just an NPC attacking your base. I had this happen to me before and the only way to check is to bring out a repair hammer and see if surrounding structures are damaged despite having the timer at full.

I think if some players, monsters or the purge visited your base and did some dmg, then the decay timer won’t be reset until you use the hammer to fix one of the damaged piece. This happened to me on a pvp server.

I have done the same thing I have done the whole time to reset the timer. Both have “survived” that way for a long long time now.

A Purge would have been shown the way as in the first row of the screenshot (not sure about other people’s Purges though). There were also no surrounding buildings to check for damage.
Afaik there are only maybe 2 creatures that are able to damage player structures outside of Purges on a PvE Server (the only one I have seen done it so far was the Red Dragon) and none of them is even remotely located nearby.
The Wheel of Pain (Sandstone Foundation) was located before the Well of Skelos with no other player structures nearby. The Map Room (Black Ice) was also a good distance away from other players and the only Clan who was somewhat nearby wouldn’t lure a Purge to someone else’s base.
So I doubt that something would have damaged those structures. That’s not denying the possibility though, I just find it rather unlikely.

Maybe the extended ducay duration is bugged, what if it reduced some days from original time and stuff starts decaying left and right. That would be fun.

Sure it wasn’t you just forgetting? Or maybe had a quick run past without checking if decay got reset before you left again.

I admit that I didn’t check with a Hammer if the timer got reset when I was last there, but as stated before, I did the same thing I always did to reset the timer. Climbing over the Walls and interacting with the Map Room/Wheel so far was enough to keep them alive for around 2 months now.
I still have 2 other Wheels and 1 other Public Map Room where I usually do less (just interacting with the Wheel/Map Room) and they are still alive.