Decay timer messes up

Game mode: [Online pve 3503
Problem: Bug
Region: us

So i logged into my game today after maybe. 48 hours and quite a bit of my hard work has become abandoned and decayed yet other structures made before I made my wheel of pain my blacksmith bench are still there my furnace for example. Not sure what is going on but this is very annoying lost a few t3 and t4 in my wheel of pain lost my horse and stable. I was under the impression that the timer was for 7 days not 2. This is the only time since playing ive reported something as I get things can get a little off and didnt have a huge issue until now. Hopefully this can be addressed before anyone who doesn’t play 24/7 loses a weekend of hard work to come back find their stuff gone and quit like I almost did this morning

Hello @Lordakurei, welcome to the community!

Did you check the decay timer for those placeables with a repair hammer, and were there any relevant messages in the event log?

If they were not placed over foundations, its possible that the decay timer had a lower maximum value than expected, but it’s also possible that they were destroyed by either a Purge or even NPCs.

It’s advisable that all placeables are built on top of foundations linked to the main base so that the decay timer is shared between them, as building pieces and placeables may decay within a matter of hours if they’re not interconnected to a larger network of other building pieces.

For further clarifications on this mechanic, you may read the following article and check out the video:

Always check with repair hammer!

And you have to connect the buildings, to have the big timer or build enough.

So 1 T1 foundation or 1 bench, has not 168hours decay timer (7 days). But the more or higher (T3 pieces, altars, etc). the buildings are, the closer you get to 168hours.

Ok I’ll concede somewhat. The benches etc I’ll accept but the stables and wheel of pain need to have foundations under them as well? The other stuff benches firbowl etc. I get so less upset about those. And yes event showed abandoned then decayed no purge ad I just started again. For instance my 2 less wheels still there built before wheel of pain and stables yet those 2 ate gone but the lesser wheels still there

It either has to have foundations under them or have to be quite close.

Made 2 stables(not sadles) which are kinda at the wall of my base and they also have 168hours.

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No walls or foundation though just a temp thing to get mats and tools to build faster

Yeah, then the decay timer is probably only some hours…

But earlier built stuff still there. Like my furnace was one of the first things I built but its there. Idk its weird

Always check with repair hammer…

And if things are close to each other, they will get a higher one… But yeah, I lost some palisades… For god knows why :smiley:

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