Decaying within 24 hours?

I’m on an official PVE server and I made a lesser wheel of pay and an animal pen and filled them up last night and tonight I come on tonight and they both have decayed. Please fix this. It’s #3508 if needed.

Side note: Does anyone know what time zone on the American servers the event logs are in?

Did you put them on foundations? Also, did you check the decay time when you placed them?

I didn’t do either one but I’ve done it before and it surely has lasted longer than a day

The way decay timer works, it’s best to put things that you can on foundations. And checking the decay timer when you put something down is a good habit to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It sucks, but I’ve seen it happen too often to risk doing it any other way :frowning:

The decay timer for a full size build was changed from 336 hours to 168 hours back in September. That would effect the smaller single placed items as well.

Best thing you can do is build a repair hammer and always know how much time you have before you need to refresh it. I’d be surprised if a wheel of pain, or animal pen alone had more then a couple hours.

Maybe this video will be helpful. Decay Timer "Everything You need to Know" - Conan Exiles - 2019 - YouTube


Hello @MusicallyMixed, thank you for reaching out!

Did you check the decay timer for those placeables with a repair hammer, and were there any relevant messages in the event log?

As they were not placed over foundations, its possible that the decay timer had a lower maximum value than expected, but it’s also possible that they were destroyed by either a Purge or even NPCs.

In any case, it’s advisable that all placeables are built on top of foundations linked to the main base so that the decay timer is shared between them.

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