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i play on official pve server 3731. i made a small quick base with a couple tents and chests and preservation box a couple campfires and wheel of pain the other day near the unnamed city right on the left middle of F6. i started it about 2 or 3 days ago and finished the set up and running back and forth between bases last night. i logged out at the new base after i was done and went to bed. fast forward not even 24 hours and my preservation box and everything in it, my capfires with all of my freshly cooked food and such, my bed roll and my wheel of pain all decayed with the tents and chests set to decay 20 min from when i logged in. i though the decay timer was way longer than 3 days not to mention i logged out at my new base. i would like to know what is going on with the server and if it is bugged or if i am doing something wrong or what. i spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into this game and for it to disappear like that kinda sucks. please help
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A full decay timer is 168 hours or 1 week. When I say full that means that you have reached the threshold in the game that classifies your build as big enough to receive the full time. Things that are not attached to your build and placed directly on the ground will have a shorter timer.

Best thing you can do is build a repair hammer and check the time for decay so you know how long you have.

Here’s a video I did covering the decay mechanic should you be inclined to learn more about the decay system.


so less than 24hrs? and why did the stuff i put on day 3 decay before the stuff i brought on day one? like i said ive been right next to the new mini base everytime ive logged out and it never stated it was decaying or anything. i logged on and it was gone. thats way to short for anything to disappear let alone when im still next to it

A tier 3 animal pen placed directly on the ground will have a timer of about 2 hours a map room the same. That’s why I suggest a repair hammer to see the actual time and get familiar with the system.

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gotcha. it makes sense i just wanted to be sure we were on the same page. i appreciate your input and patience lol. it was frustrating to say the least


p.s. if the system wasn’t like this with decay, people would build random stuff everywhere. your base and a new base is a commitment

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