Summer Decay Timers not working correctly?

Playing on a PVE official server. Last login was 10 days ago. Summer decay timers are supposed to be 14 days. I log in and see that multiple placeables and foundations say they’ve lost stability as of today, an hour before I logged in. There is nothing in the event log that says they ever went to an abandoned status. Is there something I’m missing? They should go to abandoned first, then decay, right? Only been playing 240 hours, so still a relative noob. Thought I had time because of extended decay timers. New to forums, so can’t post any screen shots, but I have them. Any help or quidance would be appreciated. Went to the FUNCOM website for a contact and it directs me here for my question :expressionless: TIA!

The summer decay timers don’t double your decay time, they simply raise the server-wide cap. The way decay timer works is that the game uses a formula to determine the decay time of your build, based on the number of connected blocks and their tier. If that decay time is greater than the maximum decay time configured for the server, then that maximum time is used instead of the result of the formula.

For example, maybe the formula calculates that the decay time for your structure should be 200 hours. Before the settings changed, the maximum decay on the server was 168 hours, so your structure’s decay timer would be 168, since 200 > 168. During the summer vacations, the maximum decay on the server is 336 hours, so your decay timer would be 200, since 200 < 336.


Is there a reason none of the foundations or placeables ever went into abandoned status? Just straight to ‘stability lost’?

Also, a normal decay timer on my foundations is 336 hours (I just logged on and checked). That is 14 days. I was only out 10.

Is that in the same base as the foundations that decayed? Or did you rebuild them and it says their decay timer is 336?

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We get this when star metal passes over or lands near our base. Immediate damage or complete loss of structures and placeables. The event log can also show “black ice foundation destroyed by .”

Star metal has splash damage. Could this apply in your case?

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I might be wrong about this but it’s my understanding that to get maximum decay time you need to build T3, and I think that after reaching abandoned status it’s possible for other players to dismantle structures even on PVE. If I’m right then it might be that part of your building reached abandoned status (if T1 or T2) and was dismantled resulting in loss of stability to connecting pieces. I’ve been playing single player recently so my online knowledge is a bit out of date.

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We are north, but not that north. We’re above Shattered Springs, but below mounds of the dead. It’s a trek to go get star metal.

Other foundations within 1 tile of the foundations that decayed. (they weren’t physically connected to the foundations that decayed, but within inches)

If a foundation under a placeable with a longer decay timer decays/disappears underneath it, would it cause that placeable to immediately be destroyed due to the ‘stability loss’

Yes. Any time a placeable or a building piece doesn’t have the necessary stability provided, it is immediately destroyed and the event log says it lost stability.

I’m not sure why your things decayed. Sadly, the log is not very useful there. You get a log entry when something enters abandoned state, but I haven’t actually seen log entries for things that were destroyed by decay.

It might be a bug. I used to have two Statues of Refreshments in the middle of my base, the same base I would log in and out of on a daily basis, and regardless of everything around them being constantly refreshed, those statues would periodically decay and I would have to craft and place new ones.

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That helps. Thank you. I don’t see the placeables going into decay because they didn’t. The foundations under them did which explains why they’re gone. Time to build some new stuff. :expressionless: The strange part is that there are still 6 improved planters, a compost box, a brazier, and a thrall that are all floating in midair that didn’t lose stability even without the missing foundation pieces under them.

The floating placeables are a bug. If you could snap a screenshot and report the bug in the PC Updates and Bugs forum, it might help devs nail it down and (maybe) eventually fix it.

Sorry to hear you lost your stuff and good luck with your new building :slight_smile:

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You might want to grab your placables ASAP. Their is some strange things going on since last update. I am on Ps4. For instance last weekend I would float up and down a staircase. Next day I show up walls are gone. Could not replace with walls. Had to close the area with foundations. Event log nothing players building damage off. My server. Repair hammer says 100 stability. @CodeMage any ideas. And it happens again I will document and attempt to report properly.

Luckily it was just a small circular area with all cooking stuff. Stove, fermentation barrel, etc Worst thing I lost was my preservation box.

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It’s an old bug that still hasn’t been properly fixed. The client, for some reason, renders the building pieces but doesn’t apply the correct physics for them, so you start falling through. But then it realizes that your position on the server doesn’t match what it’s simulating, so it puts you back up and then you start falling through again. Rinse and repeat. The fastest way to get rid of that is to relog. It’s not the only way, but it’s usually the fastest and the simplest.

When you say “could not replace with walls”, what was the actual symptom? Did you get a red X when trying to place the wall? If so, do you remember what message accompanied it? Also, did you relog before trying to place the wall? Finally, since you say it’s your server, did you try rebooting the server?

It’s definitely some kind of bug, but I wonder if it’s something that happened on the server or some client synchronization issue, similar to the “floating on solid pieces” bug above.

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Oh yeah! Have suffered from this issue for so long that I don’t even think about it or register alarm anymore. Regularly have placeables disappear, a table, chair, awning, tent, carpet, jug, cup, light etc - just random things among other stable items.

I no longer replace these absconded items. I find it humorous thinking of what other players think when visiting my base and seeing the oddness.

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