Decay Timers are Resetting on their Own

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3890

Bug Description:

Decay Timers are acting odd. Many players I know who have not played have their timers at full. I was looking at a base to test, and it was at 240:00, yet the player was not online. A minute or so later, and it was still at 240. I was on early after a server reboot, and my neighbor, whose timer was at 3 hrs prior to the reboot, went back to 240 during the reboot. I was the only player online at the time.

Bug Reproduction:

Standard Play


@speedice perhaps due to the summer time decay timer kicking in. I not positive but I may have refreshed another clans base over the weekend on my private server will have to recheck later. Always seems something strange going on.

Has it? My timers still say 240; 10 days.

I noticed this earlier today too.

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Yup, I think that they’re being refreshed by anyone.

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Just watched it happen with a mega base that should’ve been decayed.


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The Summer decay timers will only take effect on the 28th of this month, you can check it here: Summer decay timers on Official servers - #3

Thank you for everyone’s insight on this, I have reported it to my colleagues! Meanwhile, if any of you can send us a video of this reset happening, please do send it to us as it can help us understand the issue better!

Thank you :smile:

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how is this a complaint?


PVE decayed base raiding.


Decay system not working as intended is a bug that requires attention. Decay removes abandoned for the most part, right?

Especially for high traffic areas, it’d be the same as when Siptah’s decay timers were off. We’ll start to see more complaints.


my endgame :smiley:

Summer decay starts this Friday, June 28. I was hoping some of the people who quit would decay so we could clean up the server a little.

When they reduced the raw material needed to build, casual players started expanding and building large structures of garbage that affect server performance.

Being casual players, they tend to quit after a few weeks, and we like to rid our server of the problems.

While this is correct, there is not a single thing my clan needs or wants from most of these structures. We do like to share with other players who do need it. We will tear something down, and give the stuff to friends.

I did not think to save the video at the time. I have noticed that the update seemed to be the catalyst for the reset. The bases I’ve looked at since have yet to restart timers since they were first examined.

Still, please do look into it.


This, but if it’s a massive structure I’m there to make sure it’s gone.

Ive never been able to use decay on my server because of this exact issue. I hate funcom and will definitely not be buying Dune due to how horribly they managed CE

Never seen the issue before.

I sent you several videos in a pm.

Or, I tried. It won’t let me upload the videos.

Bottom line; Over the last few days I have run to the same 5 or 6 bases at varying times in the day. Each time, they are at full decay time in the morning. Later in the day, the timer is down however long it was since I visited it. I kept a log of which base I went to, and at what time. At no time did I see the owners of the bases online.

I found two new bases, both of which had the exact same time remaining. Neither of their owners were on either. On a hunch, I ran to base well away from those two to a base of a player I know has quit. He’s a friend, and he said he hasn’t been on in since about a week prior to the update. His base had the same time as the two other bases, minus the few minutes travel.

The only base timers behaving normally are those of active players. The others seem to be resetting with the server.

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Could you upload these videos to YouTube or a similar platform and share the link with us? This way our team can fully understand the situation.

I will be adding your explanation to the report. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this!