Decay Timers or some other issue?

Game mode: PVE SERVER3530
Problem: half my bases are gone???
Region: USA

Is there a server issue? I know decay timers were reset back to what they were before summer and covid but I KNOW I logged in last Saturday to refresh my bases, now half of them are gone???

Please shed some light on this, I am 5000 hours in to this game. I will be HUGELY disappointed if all of my hard work is gone.

If I hadn’t reset the decay timers all of the bases would be gone correct? (I know I did as I play the game every Saturday and Sunday)

Please let me know, I realize you likely need further information.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you check in with each of your individual bases? Just logging in a visiting a couple won’t do. You are right people will need more information to help.Events log from several base locations. Will help alot.

Hi @CDUBFIVE, as sestus2009 has mentioned, could you please let us know if you have any relevant messages in your Event Log?

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Event Log: Decayed by the system.

If you logged last Saturday do you mean the 19th or last Saturday as in the 12th?

If it was the 12th… you posted this 10 hrs ago so that would be Sunday the 20th… yeah you are past the 1 week so your bases decayed. It sounds almost like all your bases where on the 24 decay timer and when you logged in it just refreshed whatever base you logged into. Your other bases were not connected so the system deleted them because you tried to refresh at the last moment but missed the timeing,

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Yes I visit each base everytime I log in. I guess with half of them gone it’s going to be a lot easier.

Oh well, I should have been more careful. I thought the timers were 10 days for some reason.

Anyways best of luck to you guys, I think I’ll pack it in.


The event log is useless, it only goes back 200 decayed items and these bases were literally tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands building pieces big. (each)

I know for a fact one of the bases took 1,000,000 plus raw stones to build + wood etc.

Thus my disappointment.

But we’ll see what I decide to do. Love the game but not impressed with 2-3 years down the drain.

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