All gone because decay timer didnt work. 3 plus years of building

Ive been on an official server for 3+ years, logged into the game and everything is gone. What happen to your so called summer timer its only been 10 days,!! . So many things i wanna put in a rant but i know it will just be deleted and I’d just be banned. So yeah, done done done done. Ever since the new map and the ps5 came out, the game performance as been terrible on the ps4. Now I dont feel so bad about returning the game after I bought it on steam and still seen lag. This game has changed for the worst.

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Ya the Official Decay timers are really messed up. All my bases went to the Double week 336 hrs. Except one base. It will only go to 170 hrs.
So regardless im still on a week.

Not trying to add insult to injury, but join the club. I’ve been around since early access, lost lots of bases.

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Ouch, that sucks I am really sorry that happened to your hard work man.

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This is the definition of spam!!!
It’s against the rules…
Did you bother reading any?


It`s a golden rule always log in every 5 days regardless of summer decay rate. I learned it the hard way too.

There’s something a lot of people don’t know. If you don’t log in the week that it goes to two weeks. You still stay at one week. So when it goes to two weeks, you need to log in to get the two week timer.


Please, tell me how its spam??

You opened a thread 2 times for the same reason, an admin already closed one and you opened another! Last time I checked this is spam :man_shrugging: and it’s against the rules here. Changing title isn’t changing the essence or the cause. I already put the link of your last post that has been closed for EXACTLY the same issue. This behavior is disrespectful to the admins and the forum!
Anyway, suit your self, have a nice day fellow exile, I hope you’ll find solutions to your issues.
Cheers :+1:t6:.


Yeah, I’m suspecting this is what happened.

Good News Is… I bet that server is running a whole heck of alot better to be rid of your 3+ years of building. :joy:

good point. What was that server # again?