Decay timer increase, please

Hello exiles,

While the pvec was offline I played on a pve.
Since the pvec working again I was the most time on the pvec. I just logged in every 4-5 days to reset the decay timers and move stuff into benches and things like this. I was only in my base.
Last time Saturday.

Today I logging in and my base decayed few hours ago. I don’t know why because Saturday is not 7 days ago.
Many hours of work and I want to hold this as a backup if there are again problems with the pvec.
A little bit frustrating but I am happy to be back again on pvec… So let it be…

But I think the decay timers need some more days.
After years of bugs and problems I lost all my exiles friends that played with me. Now I am alone and when I am out for a week I will lose everything. I know There are already other threads talking about this. I think two weeks will be good. Without friends I am lost and have no one who can care my base.

Because of clan ban I don’t want to make a clan with someone I don’t know personally… @community please increase the decay timers. Like in the vacations which is not my vacation time…

BTW if anyone want to start on pve I have some stuff I don’t need anymore. Not much only what I was able to take in my inventory. Also some thralls and pets.

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BTW I don’t know if its realy decay. I only see messages that building parts losing stability. But some torches where already there and was decayed

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Did you check the event log

Yes I checked it but I just see ‘lost stability’ messages

I forgot… I posted this when I logged in the last time. So now it’s 7 days…

I agree I had my base for over a year and I played last Tuesday Morning and then didn’t play again till Sunday evening cause I was out of town.
when I logged in 80% of my Base was missing on PV-E official 3503 someone moved into our area that was unclaimed and after the 30 or so minutes to get back into the game cause it kicked me out I used the other players Map room to see if ours was also missing from the Pit which it was I used his map room to get back then Monday afternoon when I logged in that base and map room was also now gone.
It’s frustrating it make me think that maybe it time to move on and spend my money elsewhere.

Looks to me like a time traveling server. My is also pve official. But I don’t remember the number.

@community is there something known why this happening?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention @ConanBoDk and @King_Gundy

@ConanBoDk Could you please tell us the server number you are seeing this issue on so that the team can look into this further?

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Thank you I go out of town for a few days and then come home the City doesn’t decide to mow my house down cause I was gone to long :grinning:
and yes I’m rebuilding a new base its just frustrating but thank you Dana I guess the important lessen here don’t store stuff in container store it on your Followers in a worse case scenario the Followers are all that’s left. if My riptide was gone I probably would have just quit.

Hi Dana,

I checked my server number, its 3057 pve official.

Thank you!

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