Official server 3508

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: bases are gone
Region: [america

My bases are decaying as I walk up to them even though yesterday they said I had over 300 hours left on them. I lost everything. Mods or official server admins please fix. My clan name is Forgotten Legion

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Some acknowledgement would be very much appreciated.

Hopefully you are looking into this.


Hey @Jelostas

Is this issue happening only to building pieces you placed previous to the decay timers being extended for the upcoming holiday timeframe?

Or does it still happen with newly placed objects?

It happened to my previously place buildings. As I walk up to them they are disappearing. The decay timer still had ample time when I logged out the day before. No loot bags or anything. All my items in chests, smelter, blacksmith etc are gone. Thralls and all.

Why does a response take so long? The holidays are here and I would play.

We’re sorry for the late replies (it was vacation here as well! :slight_smile: )
It seems like the change of the decay timers affected your server timers somehow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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