Sooo what's going on with the decay timers?

Doing a solo chill thing and some nimrod decided to put up stand stone foundations randomly in front of my base. All of them were at 0 timer last night with only one single foundation actually decayed. I let it sit there and hoped the rest would snap out of it at server restart so I could demolish each grouping (1-5 foundations in each grouping) . This AM? Nope just 2 of them were decayed. And it seems that they are slowing getting into a decayed state group by group. through out the day. So the question is what gives? Why is it not just acknowledging all of these are decayed?

For as long as I can remember the decay timer has always had certain bugs like this.

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Yep. There’s an ooooooold bug with the decay timer reaching 0, and as far as I know, they’ve never fixed it.

Sometimes when the decay timer reaches 0, the structure doesn’t go into abandoned state until everyone who is within its rendering distance either logs off or goes far enough away to get it unloaded. In short, the timer gets stuck at 0 until the server stops “ticking” it.

Judging from your description, I’m not 100% sure you stumbled upon that bug, but where there’s one bug, there can be more :wink:

I’ve often found relogging helps with that. Probably because, as Codemage says, there’s a bug with the structure not entering an abandoned state while someone is around. If I am the only one nearby (common), me relogging would cause no one to be around for long enough that the structure would count as abandoned. Doesn’t sound like that’s your issue though.

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