Bug or something else?

Today on an official server I saw a strange thing. Yesterday our neighbor has built close to Us. So we built foundations to stop him from going further. This morning our foundations are now his. Can someone explain to me this prodigy ?

It’s a known bug. The only temporary solution is to keep signing on/off until you can place a block. Or ask your neighbour to move.

He can destroy foundations with that bug ?

No… I thought you meant the land was claimed. Is it possible the blocks decayed? Were they connected to your main base?

Yeah check your event log and see if they decayed. Solo blocks have a short decay time if not connected to each other or your main base.

Don’t forget to adjust the event log filters, I still occasionally muck that up.

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Solo foundations can decayed in less than 12 hours ? That’s pretty hard.

Edit : Ok it 1 hour for a solo foundation. It wasn’t like that before. Thanks for your time.

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Well at least he didn’t manage to overlap your land claim like a neighbor did to our base some months ago, he actually claimed a few tiles in the corner of our house, so if we picked something up we couldn’t place it down again because it was within his land claim :sweat_smile:

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