Here we go again! Funcom respond!

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Hi no fun at all com

Earlier i posted that 7k hardened bricks was gone out of no where. all i got was respond from players who said you been purged you been purged even i did mention that there was not because of a purge! I had 7k hardened brick inside chest on foundations like it shows in the picture but it got gone over the night! and yesterday i did put new foundations with some statues and i see again all gone only on that area! Could at least one of the owner of this bugged game respond and take responsibility of their customers who paid for their game. and yes i did contact them directly before but got and email to report at this section again! that show how much you give a ***** about peoples time and effort to enjoy the game! how can thing just disappear.


I had two bases destroyed by the Wedge Foundation Bug. It was known for a year and not reported by FUNCO to the players. They then broke the Fence Foundation Attachment Tool, so you could snap fence foundations to foundations. That was just repaired. Unfortunately, at Tier 3 it is still broken.

Good luck on getting a response. FUNCO lacks a professional attitude and reminds me of the various hacks I have met as an IT manager and sw spec writer. SMH.


@Aso, Does it say “foundation destroyed by Ruined system” in your event log?

Hey Mr Jack. it says something about Verfallsystem. but i dont know if that is the one. because the event log doesnt show many tings happening too.

A quick prayer to the gods of google tells me verfallsystem is German for Ruin System. Looks like you got done over by the decay timer.

i am online most of the time how could that happen!

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It’s because the foundation is only 9x blocks and not connected to the other foundation from what I can see from your screenshot. That means this foundation and anything on it will disappear within xx hours due to the decay system.

I know, it sucks. But it’s not a bug. This is intentionally, to prevent players to claim land.
The same thing happened to me, see my post in this forum called: “decay system is OP”.

Solution: Do not build small, separate base sections.

even if u build big stuff still disappearing so how can u NOT call this a bug? thralls in wheel of pain chests, vaults, just vanishing decaying system got to go lol that’s what’s hurting everyone I know it sucks but its true be better if u take someone else building done like a true pvp player

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People (me included) have been telling funcom sine EA that we need a system like rust has, you don’t claim with buildings but with something like a cabinet (in rust), in our case for example it could be banners.

So players could take over abandoned bases and players could play some type of “capture the flag” game.

I personally proposed for vaults, so peeps have to push for levels first instead of building 10x10 sandstone blocks. But I’m that kind of hardcore a-hole so I would be ok with banners or flags too.


Yes i saw your post :slight_smile: my first foundation that was Black ice was atached to the other building but still happened. but this time it wouldnt attach. i used sandstone to give a picture where i had the foundations

verfailsystem is structural integrity becoming compromised not decay as has been suggested in this thread.

There seems to be an issue, at times, when relogging into the game that pieces lose structural integrity. When they do they collapse.

Whatever spot that is, I’d advise that you stop building there.


100% agreed if u haven’t been on in awhile someone should clam it so they can destroy

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Well for the record, the game I play in, building decay was turned off and I was still bit by the Wedge Foundation Bug. Just saying it may not be the Building Decay settings, though I would check to see what they are.

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