Items gone! What have happened Funcom!

Game mode: [Online | PVE]
Problem: No idea what should i name it!
Region: [EU]

There is a lot of bugs and problems in this game. That’s on one side. But the last few days i have been farming " Hardened Bricks " like crazy putting a lot of days and hours in it and today i see their gone! They was in my base and i just had a purge. Had em there last night. Today when i did login i see the foundation and the boxes with the Hardened bricks are gone. i am so pissed off, you have no idea! NOW I NEED FUNCOM TO TELL ME WHAT HAVE HAPPENED??? Event log does not say what have happened! Are we spending our time to nothing! Does FUNCOM ever respect their customers? If yes explain to me why did you take away days and hours of hard work gathering materials!
I don’t know what information you need to find my character in game to check!


Mine telling me about your base? As maybe i can try and help find out what happened?

What information you need about the base? picture or something?

Were the chests on wedge foundations?

No Square foundation

A picture would help

Yes a screenshot would be helpful then.

cant put link or image here says i am new member!

Here this might help.

I have discord

Me sadly I don`t use discord and also it is pretty easy to get up to the first lvl in my opinion as the requirements seem easy.

So you are telling us that there was like 4 foundations of (what?) and on top of it your chests and it’s all gone? You did write something of a purge. Was that your guess or did you really experienced a purge? Did you defeated it?

I don’t know why i look stupid to you. But YES i had a purge because i was there and did fight the purge. Square foundation. and its all gone out of nowhere.

Well one possibility of what could have happened was decay.

how can it decay when i am online every day and most of the time!

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You do not look stupid to me, I only wanted some clarifications before guessing about the cause. Because you mentioned the purge I had it in mind as the cause of it. The purge sometimes is not listed properly in log. Where these foundations and chestes build recently? Because on your screenshot it looks like they where added outside of your base. Could it be some kind of small rollback?


as i said i was there when the purge happened and i did fight til the end with my thralls. Thats a part of my base and the chests was on 4 foundations as marked on the picture. imagine yourself harvesting many days making Hardened brick that is a pain and next day out of no where its gone! How would you feel! If it was purge i wouldn’t mind.but i am 110% sure it was not purge because purge attacked the entrance and the bricks was there last night and the purge happened two days before.

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You are playing on official server?