Lots of stuff just disappeared

Not raided, not moved, just gone.

This was on 6409

Check your event log for any further info. In any case, Funcom does not provide any “refund” support on officials.



I did.


It’s not there. Like I said. I’ve put 800 hours in this game. I’m not oblivious.

Did you build in the storm then?


My friend just said he noticed the stuff gone too, which was before the server restart, which was what I thought may have caused it, but something happened before that. Still don’t know what it was, but it pretty much killed my interest in playing the game, so I guess I’m done here.

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I’m honestly really surprised that no one else seems to be having this issue. Someone on the server was talking about a missing steel pick, like it just up and vanished for them, but that’s all I’ve seen about it. This just makes no sense.

it has happened to many on server 6010 pve today

Did it seem like something from the server restart, or did it happen earlier in the day for them like it happened to us?

when I logged in everything was there. then I go out and farm iron 10 minutes .everything is gone when I come back

I’ve been around since early access. It makes perfect sense when you consider that from day one some people have X set of issues, others have Y set of issues, and the Z crowd say they have no issues. It’s the nature of a game with deep rooted problems that can’t be completely solved.

Same happend yesterday on 6005.
Everything that was not in chest just gone…really annoying

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Same happend on 6422…all things are gone…so many hours for nothing. We stop playing the game.

Our Convergence-Trap disappeared yesterday also. We placed it, turned around, turned around again, and it was gone

Not sure what is going on but there are similar reports from 6010.

and in the same topic as 6010 someone reported 1141 PVP too. So it looks like it’s not just siptah servers. And the symptom is the same. Logs are empty, no raid, no move and no funny clanmate. Just poof gone. But only benches and fridges. Chests are fine for some reason.

1141 EU pvp,all our staff disappear whitout reason,evento log clear.
We are in pvp server and whitout ours resource we can’t do nothing,someone from staff can help? we want our staff back