All items disappeared

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

All items that were not in containers have disappeared
server 6010 The Isle of Siptah

the same happened in server 1141 official exiles map

All items have disappeared in containers and all works bench
server 6010 The Isle of Siptah

There’s no magic in Conan Exiles yet.

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6010 can confirm we are also affected

1141 pvp official,same

I’m clanmate of pEcy in Cicákok clan, can confirm that logs tell no related activity, but the workbenches are empty.
It seemed to be normal around 14:00 CET and when we logged in at around 18:30 CET workbenches were empty.
Edit: server is 6010 EU

one question, you of 6010 EU had the full bar of the purge but the latter did not spawn, right?

6010 is siptah map. I am pretty sure that there is no purge meter on siptah.

I see from the logs that there was a server restart for server 6010 at around 5:00 AM.
The issue still persists.

I would really like to see an official answer. Lots of people are affected on at least 2 servers. We lost tens of thousands (possibly hundreds) of mats and items altogether and we see absolutely no reaction.

Not sure what is going on but some people have reported a similar issue here:

Found more (less active) forums for the same game breaking error:

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Someone from the staff can say something? we play in pvp server,whitout resource it’s a gg.

6001 official disapered to

One more to the list:

They probably will work towards addressing the issue, but i can’t imagine a rollback happening. The easiest argument will be “its early access and you knew it when choosing the siptah server”, unfortunately.

server 1141 isnt siptah is exiles maps :v

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Then things get a bit more interesting. Lets see what happens next lol

Mine all items are gone already 2 days in chests,furnace,fridge,artisan’s,boxes,pen, i have nothing left ,i’m on official server 6422 PVE EU Conan of Siptah i hope thay will fix this because i can’t play whit out all items :frowning_face: :confused: