First they took everything from us thanks to hack, then everything just disappear, nothing in the event log

Game mode:Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

We played 6414, isle of siptah, but we got some hacker in the server, the server was wiped by the hacker and everyone stop playing there. We went to 6458 (isle of siptah too) and right now, few second ago, ALL the stuff in our base disappeared. We were and are online, no one get in the house, nothing on the event log, just every chest and every crafting station is empty, of course the chest were all close and they still are, there are just few stuff in our private chest near our bed like piece of armor, but everything else just disappeared. Can a gm come in game? We saw some gm a week ago, would be nice if he could provide some info in game

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