Lost everything in base, no event log!

Server #1517 PvP conflict. We have lost everything bar the elevators in 1 base. Visited the base on Thursday evening, and all was well, stayed for 20 mins and repair hammer said 410 hours to go! On sunday evening all items bar signs where gone with 4 reinforced doors missing! Nothing in event log of the large insulated wooden base, several walls and foundations have 11 points of damage.

Every chest and crafting station gone, nothing left, now my clan mates are blaming me! The base is still just to the western side of the dam in the north.

The base looked fine apart from having no door and when I went in there was nothing!

I already had to rebuild everything after you guys destroyed all PvP conflict servers and now all our stuff goes missing. There must be 200 hours of stuff there with easily 30 chests and 25 crafting areas. Every named thrall is gone because we have no crafting stations left either!

Please return all the stuff as I’m loosing the will to play this game now, cheers


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