[PC] Official Server #1071 - PVP - G Portal - Base include my spawnpoint complete disapeared

Hello funcom,

i hope you have a backup of this base on this server, i was building some stairs and from one second on the other one my base got complete deleted and the base and the complete stuff from one month farming is away :((((( i watched the decay time and it still was on 144hours … WTF ?!

pls help me

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your building. I’m afraid that we do not offer MMO style support for Conan Exiles. We cannot help you recover lost items or structures.

Can you please clarify what happened? You said you placed some stairs and then all of your building disappeared?

yes i was building something in front of the base and then the complete base disappeared instantly everything

Can you provide some more specifics? What were you building? Please let us know anything you can remember about what you were doing when this happened.

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