Missing Base (and everything in it)

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Region: [USA]

[I woke up to find our entire base on Conan Exile missing! It just gone. My id is jonnypopo76 with the clan Rogue Hearts. We are playing on official server # 3773. Our stuff was all taken last night at 330 in the morning, when the PVP building damage was off - nobody could have broken in to our base and destroyed it. Yet it is gone in its entirety. This is clearly a glitch. My brother and I have spent hundreds of hours working on this game and are devastated. We were prepared for a raid - but to have it destroyed in some glitch is too hard to bare. Please…PLEASE help us!]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

And to clarify, I had just logged off. Both of us are active and had finished playing for the night. So it couldn’t have decayed. The Purge meter is still where it was. So that wasn’t it either. Did the decay timer glitch out? Can anybody help is get to the bottom of this?


Address this to @Hugo He will be on in about 12 hours . He is one of the Funcom gang. Some one else may have some ideas. Screen shots of event log and location. Send that to @Hugo personal message as you can not post pictures till you have been on forum a bit.

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Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Seriously. I love this game and have convinced over a dozen people to purchase it. I’ve lost bases to player raids before and totally accept it - that’ts the point of a pvp server which i love. But to lose it arbitrarily is a step too far. I’ll follow your timely and helpful advice!


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Sorry, I don’t know how to address this to him as a personal message

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I can confirm. we played till midnight last night together, logged off and our base was fine (beautiful in fact) it was on the aqueduct in the hollowed out pillar. This is awful. the arbitrary dissapearing of our base is unfair. my PS4 user name is EJNB2010. i am also in the clan Rogue Hearts.

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@jonnypopo76 look thru the posts find one with his name. Click on his picture. You will find option to private message him . Good luck to you. Great game day one player

Hello @jonnypopo76, welcome to the forums and apologies for the frustrating situation you and your brother have faced.

As sestus2009 has mentioned, screenshots of the Event Log with any relevant messages and of the exact base location would help us determine what could have occurred, feel free to share them in this thread if possible, or privately if you prefer.

Thanks Hugo! I cant post pictures here yet, but i tried messaging them to you, we think the decay timer just glitched out. Let us know what you think. Were sad our base is gone but are committed to rebuilding.

Thank you for taking the time to provide the requested screenshots.

In short, you logged out sometime after midnight and your base was intact, then at about 3 in the morning it disappeared without any event log message?

Was no building piece or placeable left in the location where your base was at? Could you specify the exact location it was built on?

Also, was the sandstone foundation logged at 03.24.06 possibly part of your base?

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