Base is gone after three days off

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: USA

So on official server pve 3504 I had a large base on the southern shore of the river and it’s now almost entirely gone. All of my structures scattered around the map were gone and all that was left were my thralls suspended midair and a few torches. I was offline for about three days and had 144 hour time on my stuff. This has turned me off of the game completely as I’ve already dealt numerous times with being killed by lag or having random things vanish or having non solid textures in my base. I can’t build there again since the land is claimed but there’s no one around to claim it nor are there pillars or foundations of any sort. Not even perkele can bring me back to this.

I’ve noticed other large bases missing as well from people who regularly play.

**** me I just logged on and was so scared that my Base would also have been disapeard. I was Lucky only my whole inventory and gear I had on me is gone but my Base and materials is still here. Else I would have turned my back on the Game as well I totaly feel you.
If you still want to give it a try vome to ma server and in my Clan i push you to 60 and we suffer together.
Got a large black ice base and need some trustworthy and nice mates.

Hi Dulrim, im facing the same problem as Ausar and was wondering if there is any free spaces in your clan, I will be starting back at level 1 though as I have to swap servers to join but don’t worry I should be able to catch up on my progress throughout the summer