PVE-C #3515 - Everything is gone

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]

Has been 5 days since we logged and and our entire base is gone. #GummiNation I’m not even sure we want to continue. I see a few other large bases are gone too… did this happen to everyone?!?

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There’s a bug that has existed for a long time that just randomly decides to delete claims.

I had this issue some months back, I stopped playing regularly because of it.

We had two strongholds. One in the south, one in the north. Logged in one day and the one in the north just vanished. Not a purge, wasn’t the ruin system, we played every single day. we were on PVE so it wasn’t a clan raid. It was just… Gone. Only thing that remained was thralls in the air.

It was a large base, fully reinforced black ice. We worked hard to build it, lots of time invested. We were рissed. The 5 of us stopped playing that day, 4 of us permanently.

This has been a bug since well before console launch. I’ve seen mention of it as far back as spring 2017. Best part is Funcom doesn’t even acknowledge it, won’t address it.

I personally don’t see any point in investing any meaningful time and effort into a game that will just randomly delete everything you’ve worked for. If it were a raid or even a purge, I’d look at it differently, at least there would’ve been a chance to salvage something. It wasn’t though. Poof. Gone.

This game had a lot of potential. Not anymore.

Hi there and that’s horrible to hear.

How big was your base and where was it based?
Did you see anything in your event log?
Was everything missing? Parts of the structure? Thralls? Chests? Placeables?
I know you said everything is gone but I just want to make sure I have as much information as possible.

When you say you see that other players had their base gone, are you referring to someone on the same server?

Your base was completely gone from one day to another except for the thralls? What kind of server did that happen on and which platform?

Additional info

can you check if the base loads when you wait for a while? It could be related to the performance issues we are currently seeing.

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Hi Tasha,

Our base was pretty large, but not sprawling. It was positioned on a cliff north of the desert and south of the snow. Just south of the Sanctuary Ruins. (not in front of my playstation for the grid) We didn’t block anything, nor in a cave etc.

The two of us (husband and I) spend hundreds of hours building a three story building with towers, 5 alters (three finished, two very close to finishing), map room, pet pens we just built, yada yada. We had also just finished gathering to begin a large upgrade and had chests upon chests filled with black ice, star metal and brimstone.

Our event log was empty for both of us. It’s completely empty, where it use to tell us of a few things that had decayed, thrall deaths etc.

The only thing left were three dancers that had been by an alter. Two sacks that had dropped from two of our “junk chests”, although all of the “useful” chests that had been very close to those had disappeared. There isn’t a single foundation, torch, ANYTHING but those items I listed.

There had been a very large base near ours, Guild name Crit Commanders, that is also gone. They were working on an upgrade as well, so I’m wondering if theirs wiped too. I wish I could remember their PSN’s to message them.

This is so, so disappointing. We even had friends log in for us when we went on vacation a few months back. The funny thing is, when I was logging in I was telling my husband i was going to buy the new DLC pack, as I liked the new pet skins. Then POOF! Everything was gone.

Horrible. My husband rebuild a little house. I might just wait for Fallout. I wanted to keep playing as Conan has really grown on me, but I keep thinking of all the hours and harvesting lost and it just isn’t fun now.

As we got specific performance reports right now that seem more critical for PS4, can you let the game load for a while (maybe even go do something else meanwhile) and see if the base loads? We’ve seen reports of players saying that they thought their bases are gone but they just loaded incredibly slow.
That might also explain why you can’t see the base of your neighbors.


I did see that report through the forums. We played for about 4 hours, running around and looking for a new home. Nothing loaded. I’m going to guess with the few sacks that appeared with the contents of those two boxes… that it’s gone forever.

I also know the neighbors are gone because someone else built a little hut there.

I do appreciate your responses.

My deepest feelings about your loss, you have joined a long list of players who lost countless hours of gameplay for literally no reasons, me included.
This is Conan Exiles since day one.

I will have someone look deeper into this. Thanks for the additional info :slight_smile:


Thanks, Clowns. I’m unsure about rebuilding.

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We’ve been looking into your issue a bit closer.
What we could tell is that your base went into abandoned state on Sunday because you have not been online in 6 days which led to a lot of “stability lost” triggers (which is normal when a base starts to decay).
Additionally to that, someone chose to demolish your building. We noticed that the info about who chooses to demolish a base wasn’t logged from our side so we are adding this now and it will also be visible in the event log once we patch these adjustments in.

I am aware that does not help bring your base back but it seems there was no weird issue going on. Your base went into decay/abandoned mode after 6 days as it was supposed to and was after that open for demolition.

As the system stands right now your base goes into abandoned state within 6 days and then auto-demolish on the 7th. We are going to increase this to be 7 days until abandoned and auto-demolish on the 8th.


Just curious Tasha, how did you manage to pinpoint their base to investigate the fate of it ?
Did she give you details in private like their players ID, account names or something ?
Was “GummiNation” their clan name and you have recovered all the info just using it ?

Thanks for the info you will share.

I’m also on this server and have noticed a few of the larger bases and clans have disappeared from it. I also am wondering if the decay timer is off myself because I lost an outpost base in the volcano that I was sure I visited at least once in the past 6 days…it poofed on Sunday. No bags, no thralls, nothing, just gone.

If you need any supplies or want a third to tag along to beat on bosses to get dragonbones, silent legion stuff, midnight grove, black ice weapons, obsidian, or just supplies in general let me know and I’ll be glad to help out!

PSN is the same as my name here.

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We noticed that the info about who chooses to demolish a base wasn’t logged from our side so we are adding this now and it will also be visible in the event log once we patch these adjustments in.

I’m sure that will lead to some fun interactions between the players on servers, as nasty messages are sent about how so-and-so demolished and looted their abandoned base, so they’re going to grief them in return with spammed foundations, killing their thralls (on PvP) and so on.

You might want to keep that information to yourselves. Just sayin’.


Just for future reference, I’d always recommend “checking in” with your base(es) every 3 days at a minimum, even with the slightly increased timer. I’ve seen a few situations on my server where a clan thought they came back to refresh in time, but in reality had miscalculated by a day (probably thinking they had 7 days at the time instead of 6). In one particular case, they lost two very large bases, one on the border of the jungle, another in the highlands. A third up near the volcano got hit with a purge while they were offline, and the frost giants thoroughly wrecked most of their base there. At that point, they just gave up and quit.

For relaxing times, make it single player time.

I think this is something people forget about decay.

Decay starts at a certain time depending on the server (6 days for official?) and then things stick around for a while before poofing.

However anyone can walk to a structure in Decay status and wipe the entire structure with a single click. Don’t let your stuff fall anywhere close to decay if you can help it.

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