Help.. missing base and other stuff



HI there… 1st off awesome game… but today I logged in and found my 1st huge base wasn’t there and nor was a few other buildings… hopefully it’s a bug and can be fixed… I spent so many hours into that… I know it’s not the decay system as I play regularly and repair as I go… so any help would be gratefully received… server was 3053 pve-c. :cry:


Anything in the event log?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that funcom can or will do to help.


Wrong reply, had to delete the comment to think of the one I was making.

Would you know what exactly dissapeared?
(If you’re using mods, note that mod compatibility is lower with this patch!)

@SirMang Tascha has been investigating with above question once already, but it’s hard to find the cause of these problems - could be connected to multiple things.
This is definetly not intended and they will hopefully try to fix it asap.


Thanks for the replies. I’ve gone away for a few days vacation. Hoping everything will be back to normal when I get back… if not what to do…? Don’t get much game time and spent tens of hours building when i could and if it can’t be fixed that kinda sucks… my biggest gripe is I payed £50 for a game that may or may not save my progress…!.. :angry:anyways fingers crossed…


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