Where is my base!?!?!?!?

Official 3808. After server restart this morning we all woke up in the desert, our bases were gone, will all of our stuff. We were not in any rule violation, and have had no warnings from the devs. Where is our base? and all of our stuff? THIS IS THE TYPE OF SHIT THAT CHASES PLAYERS AWAY FROM OFFICIAL!

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Did the Event log mention anything? @Fleming5652

3808 is a pvp server, and that’s usually what happens when you’re offline raided. Did you check your event log, or are you just assuming funcom raided your base?

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I don’t play pvp but It sounds like either is possible didn’t want to suggest some one might have done something to get wiped understand it might be a couple days for message to show up. @Jimbo

It said “Everything has lost stability”

there was no mention of clan names, or player names. I have been playing this game since beta, and this has happened before when funcom did patch fixes

I have been playing this game since beta. Im not a noob. The event log said “Everything has lost stability”. It had no mention of clan names, or player names. Our clan is VERY active on this server, and have been for awhile.

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How many days had you been off the server? They went back to 7 days… Witch reminds me we may have been gone to long. Day one Ps4 some how stumbled across beta testing videos is why we bought the game.

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Sorry was typing during your second message.

We are on daily… LITERALLY DAILY. some of us are on anywhere from 5 to 12 hours daily.

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Have not heard of any updates on console understand that they get sent to pc differently. Sorry for the loss of your bases. Any one else on server with same issue. There is Zendesk report not sure how helpful it is.

Lost stability very well can include an admin wipe of your base. Are you aware of any potential TOS violations or people who may report you for such things?


We all checked our emails, and there was nothing that lead us to believe that we would be admin wiped. The dev’s/admins will usually send out an email to rule violations giving you a some time to correct it.

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No, thats only if you message Zendesk. After the next server restart you will know 100%, thats when a ban would take effect. I hope its not, you hate to lose stuff like this.


That’s happened to a few people in my exile lands server in the past. Base just disappears and sometimes says “decayed” even though it wasn’t 7 days yet. Idk why, but it’s definitely been a bug. Someone also had it happen to their thralls.

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I hope not. I have only been in a rule violation once before, and that was almost 5 years ago. They reached out to me, and I corrected the situation.

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I wish thats how they handled everything on the game - reach out with a message saying to change things rather then the ban hammer attitude they have now.

Well, all I can say is best of luck and hopefully it was a bug and not a ban.


From complaints on the Forum don’t seem that they reach out and give warnings any longer.

That was a LONG time ago. Their entire ruleset and moderation approach changed more than once since then.

The thread below shows you some examples of land claim issues that could potentially get you in trouble. However by your description it was a megabase with all altars and everything so there’s a high likelyhood you were taking up more space than needed (as in, some of it didn’t serve a functional purpose by their definition and was only there claiming land)

Their policy also isn’t to give out warnings or send you any email about it. If you get reported and they go to investigate and find something out of order, the base will be wiped and the entire clan suspended from official servers on the very first incident. (which will be longer on each subsequent suspension until you get a permanent ban)


I wish that were the case… that’s a definite no. I received no such email during my suspension, nor did I receive any information as to what actually caused them to suspend me and my clan. We had our suspicions, but Funcom doesn’t do any of that anymore. So good luck with that, assuming you were indeed suspended.