Admins deleted ALL of my stuff!

I logged todat and all my bases were simply GONE!
I’ve been playing it for a whole month, hours spent on the game (plus money from dlcs), never broke a fking rule, to log in and see that an admin deleted my base, not only that, also my second base and ALL of my teleporters.
All of it was complying with the rules, wasn’t blocking or whatever.
I even had a base above one of the desert towers, away from everything, amd even that they deleted.
I demand a explanation of the reason, cause like I said, all of my buoldings were within the server biild rule.

Gamertag Vlaskov01 (49th legion clan) official server 3042

:point_up_2: Apparently not, but if you feel the need to inquire, you can contact the Zendesk and select “Ban Appeal” as your request type.


How do you know these things were deleted by Admins?
Is that stated specifically in the Event Log?

As far as I understand things, if the Team saw fit to delete your structures, there should also have been some sort of ban, or suspension notification along with it.

Out of curiosity, when was the last time you logged in?
Were your structures built using Nemedian Foundations?
There were some programming issues in the last big update that caused a Stability issue with Nemedian Foundations, and anything on top of them was lost as a result.

Yes, it showed at the event log that an admin destroyed some foundations and the rest lost stability.
I logged in yesterday and today everything was gone.

I’ve got no ban, everything was built using the black ice tier.
I really got no clue what’s going on.
I didn’t block any spawn points, roads, access or whatever.

The ban after admin wipe happens on server restart so its likely a ban follows tomorrow , if it was indeed admin wipe.

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Do they at least give a reason for it? Or simply ban?
Cause there’s no freaking reason for it, since I’ve always played by the rules.

Do you have snapshots of your bases?

Nope. One was above one of the desert towers, which didn’t even had to render, due to the altitude, the other near new asgarath. Also the teleporters were inside small rooms. I had near 5 total, spread out throughout the map.
Anyway, already contacted zendesk and will wait for a reply.
But I dunno I’ll play conan again for a while. More than 300hrs just thrown to the trash

Desert tower? Can you be more specific?

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This location, above one of the towers

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Um…you mean one of the towers to the Chaosmouth…? The end-point for Exiled Lands bracelet shakers?

If there, am sure you weren’t blocking access to the Chaosmouth, but just on one of the two towers?

Await the Zendesk report of course, but FC tend to be (understadably) quite strict with any builds that block core in-game storyline content, etc


Many of the people on the Forum have put in tens of thousands of hours in this game. Is it possible some of the players on your server could have reported you for things you did not commit seems to becoming a way to get rid of someone you don’t like. We tend to keep a smaller footprint on official servers and try not to piss anyone off several players report you and you can be banned I feel more research should be aimed at the reporting players. @Vlaskov

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If they are large bases, this could be the culprit right there. Multiple bases is frowned upon and additional structures outside the main base should be built with the consideration of others playing depending on location as you can get nutty if the location is remote enough however if you have massive structures at Shattered Springs/Sep city, Mounds, Sinkhole, Volcano, and Chaosmouth, then you are excessively claiming key positions on the map.

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My main base was right beside new asgarath, and as mentioned, wasn’t blocking anything. The other one on chaosmouth was above the tower, also not blocking anything and it was just a 2 floor small tower.
The teleporters were in key positions, near the spire, summoning place, frost temple, one in the jungle and the other one I forgot.
You could also see other people teleporters, as in, structures that would house one…

I also noticed that another player base, right beside mine in the highlands/new asagarth, was deleted.
I tried to cintact the other player, but got no answer.

Plus, wouldn’t the admins delete just the base/structure that was against the rules? Why would they just go ahead and delete everything that I had?
That’s so freaking unfair…
All the hours hunting for the t4 named worker thralls…

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Admins don’t go through and check all your structures to see what broke the rules and what didn’t. I doubt they have the manpower for that.

Same reason why, if a clan gets admin wiped, the entire clan gets the ban, regardless of who placed the pieces.

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Yeah… that came to mind…

We can only guess here. If you weren’t blocking anything, if you didn’t have any purely decorative bases, if you didn’t have any claim spam, then maybe your main base was built in such a way as to cause “loss of performance both on client and server side”.

What about the other huge bases? Mine wasn’t anything exceptional, I’ve seen bases way bigger than mine, and they were still there. For a minute i thought that there was a server wipe and started riding through the map and nooe, most of the bases were there.

I also noticed that a base neighbouring mine was also deleted.

If they weren’t reported, there’s no guarantee they would be investigated. An admin will go investigate a report. If there’s an infraction they notice that wasn’t part of the report, they will act on it, but that doesn’t mean they will go scouring the whole map looking for other infractions.

That said, maybe those huge bases don’t cause performance problems and yours did. I don’t know, because I don’t play on your server, or even on your platform. Like I said, we can only guess here. I’m throwing out some guesses about what it might be and explaining how I’ve seen the process work. :man_shrugging:

No such thing on official servers.

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On the server I’m on there is this person that builds like there is no limits. They’ve built a place way over a world boss. Whether they know it or not, their build is causing the world boss and treasure chest to not spawn. They are not blocking access to the area, but vertical has no proximity, so even though they are not blocking access to the world boss and treasure they are preventing the spawn, so just as much a TOS violation.

Just because you don’t think you’re not violating the TOS, apparently enough people thought you were to get an admins attention.

Of coarse this just leads us back around to the; IMO, crap way zendesk works.

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