Whole base vanished

Hello, my whole base vanished, after months of hard laber and grinding. Location was on F5 in the middle of the lake. Didnt been problem to anyone ,didnt bloked any rss or point of interest. i see other bases intact around. Pls i really like and want play this game, so, would you please restore my base?

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If funcom moderators wiped your base it was in violation of the ToC, and you should have gotten an in game time out notice.

You can appeal it through zendesk, but that base is gone.

thx for reply, but my base was in the mid of lake, no rss no spawn plave no nothing to obstruct in any way. And this isnt my first rodeo. i was with my buddys on another official server, and same thing hapened, we were report fro obstruction, gues what… they deleted all, few days later i login and in that same place anothe clan build even bigger base. After few months, like yesterday i login there and they base still standin,soo…btw we bought almost everything that we can of dlc and bazzar.

You can’t appeal a suspension.

Even if Funcom was in the wrong it doesn’t matter, it will count against you if there’s a 3rd time which will be a permanent ban.

When did the base disappear?

This isn’t exactly true. I’ve heard of people being suspended multiple times. Also, the rules only state “repeated violations could result in longer suspension up to permanent ban.” There’s no clear cut number of times a suspension can be enacted that will result in permanent banishment. I think it just depends on the admin enforcing the infractions… and I’m genuinely curious if they even keep a backlog of behavior records on players. I highly doubt it.

Which speaks to the inconsistencies in enforcement.

However, going by the research I’ve done in most cases it’s 3 times you’re out - for building violations.

“This was my third” “I knew that if I played with these guys I’d probably get a permanent ban” “I got hit again for a building violation, i don’t even understand”, etc.,…

Also, why I do not play with my main account that has most of my hours and all the DLCs on it.

Yeah… idk what to say… the idea is to, hopefully, learn from your mistakes. Most of these people coming to complain here or on Reddit never even read the rules to begin with, or browse over them and don’t actually see what the problems are.

Also, if you’re gonna build a large base, don’t do it in a high traffic or obvious area… which begs the question: what lake is in F5? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Absolutely. But Even when you have read the rules, the examples, listened to others’ experiences and do everything you’re supposed to and STILL get actioned on, no amount of rules matter.

Like me.

You play PvP iirc… that’s a whole different beast. You get reported for the silliest things. :unamused:

On PvE, you mainly need to watch your build size, location, and use of bridges, walls, and perimeter torches.

Yep. Getting reported is one thing. Fine. But Funcom actioning it is a different story.

Like the time it was a building violation for building in keyhole with less than 800 building pieces with no actual problems. We didn’t even have lights.

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Is Keyhole a point of interest? Building in one is a rule violation.

No it isn’t.

And no, building in one isn’t a violation. Preventing others’ from benefiting from a POI is a violation.

If you need proof of that I can provide it.

sry e4, and didnt get banned. In fact no message at all. 1 day i log in do some stuff, 3 days later login puf no base. Again its in niddle of lake , there is nothing there to be violations.The guy near me has build on entire bridge, another had practicaly blocked path to do The Dregs dungeon. So my buildin place is the most inocent one. cant post image to show.

How big was it? Did it have full decay timer?

If that is all you think the ToC is, I can see why you violated it. And what lake?

And that has what to do with anything?
Seriously why do people think buying everything in Conan some how makes them untouchable, above the rules?


E4 is the end of noob river at skulkers end where there is a dungeon. A very high traffic area.

But did those get reported? You have to have multiple reports for funcom to even investigate.

None the less you’res sounds like a typical PVE severer and half the reason I’ve stopped playing. Over built and under moderated.

Yeah… never build your main base on the starter areas of noob river. Too many players, especially in areas near the dregs. It’s just asking to piss someone off if it gets too large or they have to go AROUND it to get there. Safer noob river locations would be on the eastern side as it goes up towards the jungle. Less foot traffic from noob players. Most won’t venture too far from the desert for a good while, and when they do, they won’t rebuild their bases elsewhere for a good while either.

This person has not answered some of the key questions here and probably hasn’t been suspended or banned. It’s sounding more and more like it was a bug or they didn’t have full decay timer and someone might have popped their base.

Other than the slight possibility Funcom forgot to actually suspend/ban them (which has happened) and considering they don’t action reports on weekends if in fact the base disappeared yesterday for instance, not an admin wipe. UNLESS the extremely unlikely chance they changed their policies and went ahead and started enforcing on weekends?

Why are we jumping to conclusions?


When did your base disappear? What day?

How big was it? Did it have full decay timer?


Sounds like you were spam reported because someone wanted the spot.
PvP is ruthless with false reports but it happens on the other servers too. :unamused:

hi, ill try anwsering. base was relativly small on e4 PVE its few lakes, my base was near that broken bridge like structure. but in mid water. no opstruction of any kind/like blocking to walk or any rss or spawn. i was very carefull not too be of any trouble for anyone. 1 player has taken entire bridge, another practicaly blocked area where camp is, where u go to The dreads dungeon. i was in lake the most inocente place there is. decay timer is like 60+ days, and i was gone for like maybe 8days max. sadly its not my first rodeo, and beacuse of that i was extremly carefull where am buildin because of everything ive learned so far. Again players around me are in violation in theory, but they bases still standin. love the game buildin ascpect especialy, exploring and all. simply this time i think am rly not in any error way. sadly if they do not react any form, ill delet the game cause i cannot go all over again for 6-7time. about money and stuff, i didnt think am special or in need on special treatment. i was getiing a point of no message or any form of explanation about watd hapenin. cant tell exact day, cause dont remember, but i wasnt online for max of 8 days. cause it was relativly fresh build/just finished with last tier materials, still had so much to do. idk never had any problem in any other game, cause simply am not toublemaker guy. Ty all for all replys.