Entire base collapsed for no reason ,FUNCOM support never replies to any tickets

I had nice big base on official EU server 1023. all on stable foundations, hundreds of hours, top tier crafting stations with thralls, end game materials, lots of work in it . It was made out of several separate buildings . Now ,one evening i climb up on a hill and see my entire base all at once collapsing . EVERYTHING GONE ! . only guarding thralls and animals left . When I tried to contact support though any ticket type ,no response . I am not even sure i can play anything but single player now as I knew before that servers are in terrible shape and condition ,but this ?! hundreds of hours gone .

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It sounds to me like you witnessed an Admin wiping your base for various violations. Likely a 7-day ban will also follow.

The ultimate solution is to play on privates you believe will be there for a looong time - but a pretty good solution is to learn all the rules and then don’t break them. Unfortunately, to learn the rules you have to read around in the various forums a lot, guessing and confirming as you go. Most of them are straight forward but not all.

no .there was no ban and no contact. nothing . absolutely nothing . and my base was not violating nothing too ,nothing was blocked and obstructed as well.

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not to mention that base was there for over 3 weeks.

OK, but the number of people that say this exact thing after finding their base gone is around 100%.

No contact, no nothing, base gone, “I didn’t violate anything!”, and then about 24 hours later 60 or 75% of those people also come back here and say they were also banned.

this happened start of August. I could play next days of this happening, trying to contact support .

How long were you away or logged off for in between playthroughs?

I was on every day

OK, so maybe as like those other 25 to 40% of people, your base was wiped but no ban?

That happened to me once. The admin wiped a sub-base I built in the wrong spot. No ban, and also no contact of any kind. I dunno for sure if that’s also your case or not. You’re certainly right to complain about the zendesk response times!!! I have an RFI and a Report on file with them and it’s been nearly two months - crickets!

yeah, even the ban would at least tell me i did something, but nothing. and i do see especially this year some more people posted same thing and also on PS. base gone for one guy after a weekend away ,pve server. other on PC also came online and overnight base gone. I kinda feel put off if even official servers cannot protect hundreds of hours of work without as little as few words why .

Notifications of admin disciplinary actions usually come the next server reset. Actions are immediately taken when the investigation is deemed that enforcement is needed and then the follow up to the clan/player is done but the server has to reset before the pop up happens.

well, sadly nothing happened ,no contact , so I presume it may have been a server or game bug of sorts ? I really want to find out .

You won’t get any response, because Funcom doesn’t “refund” in-game materials, ever. No player ever gets their stuff back, regardless of whether they lost it to cheating, a bug, or admin action.

Funcom states this explicitly in their official server TOS:

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i get that ,but no response or acknowledgement if there is a bug or why it happened and if anything is being done to find out why and fix it if it is an issue . an info for closure if you will.


There is a bug (that funcom is trying to fix) where bases can go poof. They arent going to roll back the server so they probably have nothing to say on the matter.


Entire BIG BASE collapsed for no reason. Bruh…

I understand what you’re hoping for, but I’m trying to explain why it’s not likely to happen.

The truth that most people don’t like is that we get what we pay for, and since official servers are free, this is the level of support we get. That means that Funcom’s official server admins don’t do most of the stuff you would expect on private servers.

On a private server with a good admin, you can get in touch with that admin and ask what happened at such-and-such location, at such-and-such time, and they’ll go and investigate, and if it’s a bug, they’ll tell you and even give you some materials back.

On official servers, the only thing you can do is open a Zendesk ticket and wait for Funcom to determine whether there’s anything to do and any reason to get back to you.

If you suspect a bug, you can report it on the appropriate forum and/or create a Zendesk ticket – I don’t know why there are two ways to do it – but the most you can expect from that is for Funcom to receive the bug report, maybe ask you for some additional data, and then pass it on to devs in their ongoing effort to reproduce and fix those bugs so they won’t happen in the future. Even if someone on the team goes to look at the server logs based on your report, they’re not going to get back to you, because that’s not part of their job.

This is how these things work. Unfortunately, most players seem to expect the official servers to be “paid for” with their game purchase, and have a hard time understanding and/or accepting the lack of official server support.

Perhaps one day Funcom will decide to offer premium official servers, where we pay a monthly subscription and get the level of support that comes with that. Until then, we get what we pay for.

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I myself have operated more than a few identities/toons on Official servers. It can’t be said that all of them were for testing, frankly I liked certain servers for fighting!

If we had a Premium server service where we are at the very minimum vetted by “credentials” I’d be happy. I don’t like that payment could be a barrier.

Your ban should come at server restart, happened to me same thing, probably tomorrow you will not able to login. Sorry man i feel you pain.

i’d prefer to pay monthly to play well managed official server than having what we have now.
having a montlhy payment would even help to reduce hackers.

As i saw recently, hackers have around 1~3 days to get banned by battleeye and lose their acc. so they are going to pay this monthly fee for each hacking account.

Besides this, with this fee, Funcom might pay some true GMs to keep the servers. It would be real nice.